How much air are you running in your CFMOTO tires?


Question: how much air are you running in your tires?

We prefer to run lower pressures, but just trying to see what the general consensus of this group is! And let me say so far it’s been a delight to talk to the people here on this forum I know some forums get such big Personalities and no it alls itp makes Mini unusable or at least a horrible experience anyway

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  1. What machine?

  2. CF 500 ATV, I run 10psi

  3. Btw: it’s the first time we’ve run 14 inch tires on and off road vehicle, so learning curve but no big deal, running like 7 up front and 10 in the rear

  4. Atv-4 front, 5 rear\nSxs-7 front 8 rear

  5. ZForce 800 running Mongrels 7# all the way around. With shock adjustments.

  6. 2016 zforce trail model stock tires . I run basically what cfmoto recomends . 10-12 front , 13-14 rear. Where i ride , if i ran what some of you run my rims would be all busted up , in fact probably totally ruined. Sure lower air pressure rides smoother but it also puts you at risk for busting up your rims on rocky trails.

  7. 800 zforce. 8 front, 7 rear

  8. I am kind of new at this but talking to the guys I run with here in Arizona and most have been running these trails for years run 6 to 8 lbs. That’s a mix of machines Polaris, CanAm, artic cat and a couple of CFMOTOs besides mine a Zforce 800.

  9. That is a EXTREMELY subjective question and there is no right answer to it. What tire pressure depends on the vehicle, the terrain, the tire type and sidewall and the weight (how much extra stuff you carry).
    So if you have a 4 ply tire and your putting it on a ATV you will want to run less pressure so its not as harsh vs a UTV due to the extra weight. Also if you are running in rocky terrain you want more pressure to avoid pinch flats. When running higher speeds you generally want higher pressures because it help the tire not to roll over the tread and run on the side wall. If you have a 2 ply tire (standard CF Moto tire) you will need more air than a HD tire that has 8 ply. If you are fully loaded with camping gear or whatever you will need more pressure so you are not rolling the tread under and running on the sidewall. If you are in the sand you need less pressure to create a larger footprint for more contact/traction. If you run bead lock wheels you can run lower pressures to increase traction but the tire will roll over more.

    It comes down to there really is no RIGHT answer so your question is impossible to answer. Now if you gave us some info like “stock 800ex flat trails, stock tires, slow riding” then we could give you a number to get you close. But you are trying to just throw generic questions out there and it doesnt work that way.

  10. That’s exactly why I asked for a “General consensus” I’m fully thousand percent aware that there is no correct answer, but you can get a general consensus of what everybody else is doing and having success with and in doing so you may help somebody else in the process

  11. Sedona Rip Saw 6 ply 14’s radials. Very heavy strong side walls.
    Front 5 psi
    Rear 7 psi.

    I am actually wearing the centers off the tires. Cannot get them to wear flat at all.

    Half way worn off in the middle and in the outside they still have the factory Sipe’s in the tires.

  12. The General Consensus is not always the path to borrow knowledge from with the majority is hoping the other guy is correct.\nRun enough air to assure that the beed holds the tire on. Speed requires more tire tread support.\n\nBelieve half of what you see and none of what you hear.

  13. Not to stray from the specific topic but why run different psi front and rear? I know its what is recommended across the board no matter what machine you have, but why? Its imperative to run the same size tire but not important if a front or rear tires deflation couses tire diameter variations. \nFor the record I have a 15′ RZR570 with 27×12 and I run 7psi/8psi. I’ve tried everything from 5 to 14psi and this works best for me.

  14. Running 30″ blackwaters on my 800ex 8-9 front and rear

  15. Real tires ARE on the agenda…Shakes head at 2 ply

  16. Rocky Mountain off road and several other companies have pretty good reviews on tires to help you dial the right tire in for your application.

  17. Will you have a point there and it would probably be one of the tires we look at also or try to learn more about because we’re allowed to drive on the roads here where we live locally now but you got to have D O T tires to be legal….we are actually trying to decide what we’re going to do/run

  18. I think I watched every YouTube tire review Rocky Mountain off road put out. Lol
    One of the videos talked that once you got to a 15 inch rim they had all terrain light truck tires DOT rated and it makes a lot of sense and they last really well.
    I will look around tonight.

  19. My next tires may be the TUSK Terrabite radials.\nThe Sedona Rip Saws are awesome! But I am not in that much mud. \nHopefully I can get another year out of the Sedona tires.

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