How is the CFORCE 800 belt system with water?


I just bought my cforce 800 a week ago. My question is how is the belt system with water. I’m going to be doing a ride on Saturday and just want to make sure it will or should be ok. I don’t want to always have to have a belt with me if there are creek crossings. I’m not going to drowned the thing either.

Thank you

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  1. As long as you dont suck any water into the belt housing it will be fine, the intakes should be about 3-feet off the ground so dont go into water deeper than that, and if you do get water into it, most belt housings have a drain, so you can drain it and keep on going.

  2. I have had mine buried almost up to the steering wheel and have never had a problem.

  3. I agree with Mike. I have over a thousand miles on my machine have had it – deep several times I absolutely have gotten water in there and it has slipped and all of that. I just drove around with it in low range slowly and easily for a while until it dried up and clear it out. I then took the cover off when I got back to my surprise it wasn’t that bad in there yes it was dirty of course and I did clean everything out that has happened a couple of different occasions and despite what I have heard I am still on the factory belt and it is working just fine. I do have a spare belt that I have had for quite some time because I thought I was going to have to replace it after what some had said burned the belt by making it slip like that. Snorkels are great and I am going to put some on mine but don’t worry too much about things lol these things are pretty tough

  4. Never had a problem with my 500 ho

  5. The cvt exhaust is your lowest point on cvt which is between your seats under plastics. So anything over stock tire height and youll have water in cvt. Like Isaac Reichard said just drain and run in low for while and you should be good. The cvt setup on these is obviously diff then polaris and others. The way our machine is setup takes alot for the belt to slip thanks to the wet clutch setup.

  6. I have had mine before i got snorkles with water to my waist and no issues

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