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  1. I got mine this week. It is so much fun.

  2. What’s the price?

  3. Very nice! I think I’ll wait to see if there are any bugs before I’d consider purchasing one

  4. Funny I just checked out his website last night, I’m thinking the price was right around $13995 (just checked) Boy I like it

  5. Did you guys see the new single seat RZR?

  6. I wonder if those doors would go right onto an 800

  7. Does it have a engine brake like the rzr

  8. Why the switch to a dry clutch?

  9. My z force engine brakes really hard.

  10. We should have two 1000 this week in Morgantown West Virginia #Finishlinemotorswv

  11. Msrp is $13999


  13. Question so the wet clutch is known to have problems in the 800 Z-Force?

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