How many miles are y’all getting on a tank of gas..


Question for Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic Owners. How many miles are y’all getting on a tank of gas.. I checked my mileage today .. I’m getting 37mpg and around 200 miles on a tank.. is this normal?

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  1. I get around 250 miles with just me on the bike and staying out of the throttle.

  2. On my 01 Electra, I’m getting around 150 before my fuel light comes on.

  3. I get 180 miles no matter how I ride it..

  4. don’t know, don’t care, when she needs gas I fill her up.

  5. Not sure on the mpg, but 200 miles sounds about right.

  6. All depends on how you ride. Fast is fun but expensive.

  7. Riding 2 up I get 42mpg

  8. Been getting around 4-500 miles to a 6 gallon tank.

  9. Get around 220 with stage 1 on a 2015 ultra limited.

  10. I’m about 230-240. 2013 Ultra Ltd.

  11. Ya…I get 38 or so running 2 up. Have fuel pak 3 tuner and 103 big bore stage 3

  12. 240-250 miles..unintentionally rode the gauge down to 11 kms (7 miles) left once

  13. 2013 Electra glide with a 106 hot set up 200 on a good day

  14. 37 mpg is pretty typical…you have a 6 gallon tank.

  15. I get 220-230 on “normal” riding around here two up. I just rode to Daytona and back, one up, interstate and about 75mph average and it was 180-190. 2016 Limited all Stock.

  16. I get 40mpg at 60mph and 30mpg at 80….

  17. 220 to 240 miles

  18. Stage 1 on a 2012 ultra limited riding solo around 200-240.

  19. I’ve got a 2012 getting 42-44 mpg and 245-265 miles to a tank

  20. Interstate riding fuel light comes on around 175 miles. Non interstate gets me around 200 miles. Easy day back roads, I can get a little more. 2011 Ultra Classic, tour pack removed.

  21. I have a 08 Ultra stock. Cruising back roads between 45-60 the best I’ve gotten was 44miles/gal. Mix city and highway 38 ish. Straight highway I95 I generally don’t go above 75 mph and get around 39-41. When I use my bike to go to and from work, a whole 17 miles round trip, I’m down to 33-36 miles/gal.

  22. There isn’t actually any “normal” mileage. Too many factors make mpg variable. A happy throttle hand, flat roads vs hilly, windy, shift patterns are a few. some get 30 mpg or less, some get 50 mpg or even more. Your mileage will vary. Once on a trip across New Mexico into strong wind was lucky to get 25 mpg, “normal” for that bike was 40 mpg.

  23. I get around 43 on mine. Mostly highway riding. I don’t know how far the tank will carry me because I always fill up between 1/2 and 1/4.

  24. I think the furthest I’ve pushed mine was 180 miles on my 2007, and the fuel light had come on a while before that. Usually I don’t use 6 gear unless I’m on the interstate but I’m trying it out on back roads and any roads that are 55 mph to see if my range changes at all. Typically I fill up every 150 miles

  25. i’ve had a couple big (1500cc) jap cruisers and gotta say my Harley Ultra 96ci gets way better mileage than my Vulcan Nomad 29-31mpg or my Suzuki Intruder 30-32mpg i admit i ride a little over the limit and take off faster than i need to but i live in the mountains not goods for mileage and average 37- on a trip interstate 75-80mph i average 40-42 at one time i had a trike kit on my suzuki and pulled a enclosed trailer & got 18-mpg

  26. On my trip to Alaska and back to Florida
    80/85 mph 40m/g
    50/55 mph 50m/g In Canada and Alaska the fast average speed is 50/55 because of the scenery or frost heaves so its easy to get over 50 mpg . 2017 ultra two up and loaded only modification is a SE air cleaner

  27. Just did a trip to central Fl, doing +5 and got about 37mph into head wind with visor vent open and fairing wind deflectors open blowing on the twins.

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