2018 Harley Davidson Electra Glide (Just Bought)


Just bought a new 2018 Ultra. Any idea how much lower I can go simply by adjusting the shocks down. I had the “reach” seat put in as well. I’m a bit on the short side and have trouble touching the ground well.

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  1. Photo of the my 18 Electra Glide

  2. Rear can be dropped 2” before it starts to bottom out.

  3. Congratulations. I purchased a low pro seat. Worked for this short ass.

  4. I had the dealer put some shorter rear shocks on my 11’ ultra and it still wasn’t enough so I added the reach seat and it was perfect and I’m 5’7”.

    • I’m also 5’7”. I had them add the reach seat as part of the sale. That plus adjusting the shocks down I’m hoping will be enough. I was told they are all the way up from the factory.

  5. I bought the ultra low since I am also vertically challenged.

  6. I put the Progressive 10 1/2″ shocks on mine – works great. Stay away from the lowering blocks.

  7. The way to get low is to get rid of the air shocks. and look at Progressive Suspension options.

  8. The shocks won’t lower you, the adjustment is for the pre-load.get a 1″lowering block, and some progressive 944UT , 12″ shocks. You will have same travel as stock 13″shocks , but 1″shorter overall. I am 5″7″, with my boots on and I have an Ultra Classic also. I can stand flat footed, also if you narrow the front of your seat, your legs will come closer, there for allowing you to reach better also.

  9. Why didn’t you buy the ultra low

  10. Vertically challenged myself. I bought the low and it fits like a glove. Heated grips could have been installed for you.

  11. Cheaper option. Still as comfortable as the low pro and low pro seat looks sharp on bike.

  12. Just got back from wv u have to really be a rider to ride those roads a lot of gravel high banks and curvy steep roads but still really nice country.

  13. Just a tip, you can get the Harley lowering kit and have your dealer do it, if you lower it your self with some aftermarket kit then your warranty won’t be covered. You also have 60 days from date if purchase to have upgrades done to your by (by harley) to keep true to your warranty.

  14. Question is, why would you buy a bike that does not fit you? Sure you can put on lowering blocks or shorter shocks and loose 1-2″ of travel and wipe out your tailight wiring. You can install a reduced reach seat which is nothing but a seat with a bunch of foam missing making it a very uncomfortable ride or just trade it in for a bike that fits you and is safe for you and everyone around you.

    • It’s simple, not all models come in a low and people buy bikes especially the ultra and limited for the features they have for longer rides. You don’t have the storage on other models you do on then for the long rides. Every Harley can me made to fit anyone that is what’s so awesome about the Harley brand.

    • I guess it might be construde as simple as long as you dont care for ride quailty.

    • Has nothing to do with ride quality, bikes are lowered at dealers all the time to accomidate smaller riders, does nothing to the ride and doesnt take away from the suspension either. Its about fitting the bike to the rider and Harley is one of the only bikes that they can make fit a rider. Just because someone may be small doesnt mean then cant ride a bagger and still have the extras and comfort of someone that is tall.

    • So because the dealer lowers it for you makes it ride as well as a normal bike? Dont understand your thinking? They do it the same way you would do it, less travel and less foam. Pretty simple.

    • Of course there is less travel, but the ride isnt any different than that of a stock bike, just a little less travel for people that arent as tall. They dont do the same as you or I these are designed kits to allow shorter people to own the exact same bike as tall people and still have the ride and stability as if it were stock and most importantly not void the warranty, you can do all kinds of things to lower them, but there are only certain authorized kits that can be installed at the dealer and for new bikes has to be done in the first 60 days to keep the warranty in good standing.

    • the man want to be seen on a cadillac in style..not a crime.

    • Buying good aftermarket 12″ shocks it will ride better than the stock 13″ shocks.

    • I have a reach seat and I find it to be very comfortable.

  15. Be careful,I lowered mine 2 inches and the tire hit some of the wires above the tire on the back fender. I went back to just 1 inch down after the wires were repaired. It’s ok now.

  16. Pull the rear shocks and put on 10 1/2 inch Burly slammer shocks… that will lower you about 3 inches… I’m 5’3” and that with the reduced seat works great.

  17. Why didn’t you get the low model, would have saved a bunch of headaches. it’s already lowered, has the lower seat, narrower primary cover, reach handle bars and passenger foot pegs instead of floorboards.

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