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Just curious how many miles are you guys getting on your factory tires?

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  1. 18,000

  2. 25000 KM on rear tire

  3. 26000miles on front, 18000 on rear.

  4. 16 on rear over 20 on front but I lay down some rear rubber often!

  5. Just changed out my E3’s for E4’s. Got 18.5 K miles and probably could have gotten more. Very happy with that.

  6. Its not about the miles , too many riders don’t consider grip , standard tyres on new Indians & Harleys are dangerous crap !

  7. I have 10,000 miles ride 2up 95% of time still look good but getting a little squirrelly in the rain going to change soon too better tired not happy with stock tires.

  8. 7500 on the front. Over 10k and still going on te rear. Scout with kendas

  9. 14000

  10. 12000

  11. E4 currently at 14000 with a decent amount of tread left. Still grips well on dry pavement. Around 10,000 it seemed to lose a lot of grip on wet pavement (rear). I got 21,000 out of original E3,on the front.

  12. 20k on my first one

  13. Changed my Dunlop 3’s out at 18,300. Probably could have gone another 1000 miles…maybe. 2016 Chieftain.

  14. I’m at 15k and just passed state inspection.

  15. I changes mine at 20000 Miles

  16. Don’t know how you ride out there? To get that milage but I get 4-5000 miles rear and 8000 on the front?… there’s more fun to be had than saving tyres … front brake pads 10000 miles and down to a couple of mm

  17. 17k rear, 28k front

  18. Until the 1st set of wet corners, then I bought Michelins.

  19. I ride 2 up a and have gotten 15,000 will change over the winter though . I ride hard.

  20. On my scout I got 2000 on rear and 7000 on front the rear was persuaded to wear out early tho

  21. 13,600 miles so far on originals

  22. 22000 on rear. Front still good.

  23. 14,000- then changed.

  24. I put 18 k on my stock rear Dunlop, went to a Michelin commander 2, and I’m still going on the stock front at over 20k and have a new Michelin waiting.

  25. 17K rear and 23K front and changed the front break pads with the tire at 23K

  26. Till it’s bald

  27. 12500 so far and looks like I OK for awhile, but remember 5 years is it for tires

  28. I have over 33,000km and still good for at least a few thousands on rear, front is good.

  29. Scout got about 8k out of rear

  30. I have around 18000kms and they are like new, but terrible in the wet

  31. I have 23000 on mine still good.

  32. I got just over 13500 but I hit the curvy mountain roads.

  33. Never worn a set out. Just trade up every 2 years.

  34. Got 16K on the rear and 19K on the front, Switched to the E4’s and like them much better.

  35. I got 16,000 on the stock Dunlops

  36. 23500 miles in just over 2 years so far. Will probably put new tread on in spring. There may still be 2-3000 miles left.

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