How is ‘Sans’ Wild-boar / Gold star with Glasswool ?


Question: I have August 2015 Classic 500 with Mini Punjab (hollow pipe). People say mini punjab over the period makes significant damage to engine, but I really love it’s loud sound. Rather than switching to any glasswool exhaust, can I put glasswool in my Mini Punjab + use titanium wrap. Will that solve problem??? Anyway I’ll need to spend same amount of money. Please help.

How is ‘Sans’ Wild-boar / Gold star with Glasswool ? Their price is pretty descent.

Experts..please help

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  1. It will damage your engine. Basically it’s a pipe nothing else, you can’t put glasswool in punjab. It’s the USP of it that tone and sound cuz of the hollow pipe. Titanium wrap is nonsense, we don’t live in himalayas or colder regions to give that insulation that’s required. Pune is quite hot. So it’s not useful only if you want for lookslooks. Sans goldstar is great but it has 3 varieties
    1) complete free flow exhaust “it’s a hollow pipe like the punjab”
    2) with conical baffle “quite good thump”
    3) glasswool “increased bass in thump”

  2. If you’re in pune check out “aashu engineering works” it’s base is in pune. Reliable and original silencers. At their store

  3. If Installing Wild boar does it affect the engine..?

  4. Buy from a good store.

  5. I bought from Online..

  6. Is there any prblm from buying from Online..Vedant Deshpande

  7. Buddy I suggested aashu engineering cuz you in pune. You can go check out and select that’s a wide range of options there. You might end up buying a tailgunner exhaust if you like. Price is somewhat the same man

  8. One more thing don’t pay 2 to 3 hundred rupees for fitting. Watch tutorial on YouTube it’s very fucking easy. And once your silencer is out try revving it up without silencer. It’s utter bliss

  9. Vedant Deshpande….. New Monster from Shakeel (AshuEngineering, Pune). This fellow is extremely talented. Maja aa gaya (Y) He had New Monster which was louder + more intense bass thump) than wild boar and normal monster.

    Thanks a ton Bro.


  10. You’re welcome

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