Wild boar or red rooster ?


Bhai logon…. One simple question… Which exhaust gives a more BASSY Thump and not that irritating fatfatiya sound but a bhatbhatiya sound ?????? On a serious note…..Wild boar or red rooster ???

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  1. Firstly it depends upon your tuning…. And if you want dug dug then go for mini punjab…..

  2. Wild boar for thump, red rooster for performance and lil thump. Thumper for both…

  3. go for wild boar

  4. Megaphone silencer from Indimotard greasehouse customs

  5. So red rooster exhaust system Is not ery loud is it ?

  6. I mean like irritatingly loud ?

  7. Red rooster for over all performance dude nothing comparable

  8. Not at all irritating

  9. Using for long time

  10. Goldstar glasswool

  11. I can vouch for RedRooster as I am using on my TBTS 500 its ceramic not glass hence will not need refilling for life. It comes with life time warranty.304 grade SS. Sounds bassy premium stuff. For pricing n shipping details wats app me on 8553217392

  12. Wildboar. Redrooster has that fatfatiya sound. And yes, a friend’s TB5 engine seized because of RR. Free flows do have their disadvantages. The WB for RE classic / Bullet / Electra is too loud though. For the TB its perfect.

  13. Wildboar is a no nonsense exhaust

  14. I am not sure how would exhaust cause a engine seizure technically. Engine typically cannot seize if there is right amount of engine oil in sump.

  15. go for mini punjab

  16. Megaphone is the only one which creats bass and thump and should b filld wth ceramic wool then see the croud…

  17. Gold star glass wool

  18. Put sum altered silencer lyk mine

  19. Try race concepts..expensive but out perform s other brands

  20. Try wild boar

  21. Go with red roster

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