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Hi, booked electra will get in 7 days with number ..
Question -worth buying royal enfield helmets as far as quality is concerned?? It’s cost around 3.5k. If anyone using this let me know it’s quality and comfort level.
And also let me know worth buying teflon coating from company??
And does thump silencer will affect mileage??

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  1. Bro….go for vega off-road heomets..!!

  2. Nd no need of teflon coating as the electra is having good amount of chrome..!!

  3. My bit ….
    Buy helmet from outside
    Teflon not required
    Keep the stock silencer for at least 1000 km.

  4. Ohkies will keep stop silencer.

  5. Check other helmets you’ll get a much better one for same price.
    Prefer Light weight full helmet it will be comfortable for your neck during long ride.
    Keep ur RE in shade and let not the bird shit on ur tank.
    once the shit is dry you need to use wet cloth..a dry cloth may leave some scratch marks on tank and wont clean it properly .
    And if u use a wet cloth to wipe Teflon coating is useless.
    Better purchase a bike polish or wax polish and shine ur bike by ur own.
    Also clean ur RE color part with a dry cloth( special cloth u get in market ) everyday..
    Your bike will b like a new one for years.
    Silencer change may void the warranty which u get for 2yrs.

  6. Helmet not worth buying . its good to do teflon coating as it retains the colour. I had changed the silencer in showroom itself . RE had suggested for gold star . .. I’ve never used the stock silencer .. And it didn’t give me any problems !

  7. Don’t go for Vega, I had one , met with an accident recently and first thing broken is the helmet!!! Please go for ls2. Costly yet looks good and safer!

  8. Bro …not recommending any brand ….Accident – Helmet broke – head safe ….That’s how it’s supposed to happen. …proves Vega must be an awesome helmet !!!!\nIf the helmet didn’t break …your brain would have turned pulp inside the skull. ….

  9. No RE helmets

  10. Buy LS 2

  11. They r d best

  12. Go for vega boolean it’s worth nd good nd even its 2 in 1 helmet I’m using the same for my classic 350

  13. RE helmet is decent, of course there are better ones out there. I have a couple of RE helmets and am quite satisfied with them.

  14. RE sells studs helmets, good quality and ISI certified. Great value for money

  15. If you can trust their bikes, you can certainly trust their Helmets ­čÖé

  16. not worth the price get better one from stores u will get similar ones too at much less price….

  17. N parts are available too

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