How I can prevent my feet from cramping up again?


Tonight, while I was nearing the end of a four mile bike ride, the bottom of both my feet began to cramp up.

I was riding my new bike over fairly level terrain. This was only the second day of my riding my road bike. My bike also has flat pedals with pins in them for traction. I was wearing my Sketchers slip-on shoes.

The cramps went away a few minutes after I stopped riding my bike. The weather was very cold, around 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any idea on how I can prevent my feet from cramping up again?

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  1. Wear stiff soled shoes

  2. Cycling shoes have a stiffer sole.

  3. Where on the pedal is your foot? Having your ball of your foot in front of the pedal axle should reduce the strain on your feet and calves. Conversely, (an extreme example) if only the tip of your toes are touching the pedal, cramps probably will ensue. Like others said, stiff soled cycling shoes will help with your issue.

  4. I wear my low cut Brahma boots and wool socks. Sounds like your feet got cold. My boots are stiff and only set me back 20 dollars.
    I live on fixed income so I don't need the expensive stuff.

  5. Stan, sorry I missed you last night. Was looking forward to saying high.

    Cold will stiffen your body in some strange ways…
    Sometimes your body will just have a bad day…

    If you persistently feel uncomfortable on the bike…
    Did you have it fitted ? If unsure, talk to Mike at Performance.
    Are you biking with good form ?
    When on longer rides be sure to shift foot position, it changes how the muscles in your legs are used, and helps with fatigue.
    Are you changing gears regularly or are you riding in a strong gear from start…
    Just a few of many questions.

  6. Hydration. You may be a quart low and didn't know it starting out

  7. Flats on a road bike? Go clipless, and get a bike fit.

  8. Get shoes with stiff carbon soles. When you are confident enough, switch out your flat pedals for clip-in pedals to go with your stiff shoes.

  9. your shoes didnt fit right or your technique was off. Also nutrition and cold

  10. ️ MOST importantly get a pro bike-fit

  11. Wear stiff soles shoes and remember to imagine your foot kind of like a flipper as you make a round on the pedal.

  12. You need to be fitted to your bike. Some adjustments.

  13. Probably sounds like you need hard rubber soled shoes. Are the bottom of your shoes getting eaten up by the pins of the pedals?

  14. Bananas and yellow mustard!

  15. I ride flat pedals all the time 30-40 miles with hiking shoes which have a good stiff sole. I also have over a 100,000 miles in clip-less over the last 35 years. Stiff shoes, bike fit,flat pedals should fix you up.

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