How often do you replace your bike helmet?


How often do you replace your bike helmet? LBS says it’s recommended to replace every 3-5 years. I’m not sure that I believe it’s necessary, but I value my head enough, so I replaced mine this year (can’t recall how old mine was — the helmet, not the head).

What do you do?

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  1. usually every 5 years, unless there is a crash invovled.

  2. A crash (or if you drop the helmet and it cracks) or when vanity kicks in. FYI, I believe some manufactures will give a discount on a new helmet after a crash.

  3. I think it's subjective. Factors to consider ; how often do you ride , what is the temp when you ride ; how much do you sweat? I think these to name a few will determine how fast the helmet breaks down. 2 to 5 years may be a good average.

  4. I replaced mine after only two years mostly because it got way too gross

  5. Had the last helmet for 17 years

  6. What should be noted is that the effect of the material degradation is based upon certain factors . It includes UV effect on materials. Amongst other factors . The helmet companies don't broadcast this . So it's easier for them to say the DOM on the helmet rather than the expiry date . Then it's up to the individual to decide what the ride rate has been and in what conditions the helmet had been used and stored under .

  7. After a crash or 3 years is what I do.

  8. I'll say it ONCE more:
    Over time plastic dries out and becomes brittle as the oils in it heat up and dissipate into the environment. That's why car dashboards crack. Sunlight, sweat, and time eventually weaken your helmet as the plastics break down. Even without any crashes a well used helmet should be replaced as recommended. Let's be real here, would you seriously ignore a warning to replace the one single device that could literally save your life? That's foolish. Even bullet proof glass must be replaced every few years as the plastics inside of it break down over time.

  9. after a crash or never if well cared for.

  10. Don't leave it in your hot car all the time either

  11. Who wears a helmet. I never have, and never will.

  12. I get a new one every 4 years.

  13. You know what we call those that ride without a Helmet, Organ Donors. Lol

  14. every two to three years depending on history

  15. One of the things that doctor's can't do is fix spinal cord injuries so a good helmet is alot cheaper than paying for adaptive equitment the rest of your paraplegic life,,,
    For you that don't wear them do some research on what people with spinal cord injuries have to deal with on a day-to-day basis or you can ask me I'd be happy to tell you how it is to be a paraplegic.
    Traumatic brain injuries are no fun either!
    Is your Mobility worth $300 or is your ability to cognitively think worth $300.

  16. Why do the manufacturers of the helmet NOT put a destroy date in the helmet . They only put a DOM in it . the LBS still sell helmets that are 5 yrs or older .. It would be much better to have firm date of destroy using the logic of shelf life and Life limits for everybody concerned

  17. I'm pretty much like you. I'd had too many meetings with hard objects in my old helmet, a Giro, and a while ago just bought a cheap helmet "Schwinn" at Walmart. Later I bought a Bontrager helmet at my LBS. Actually the cheap helmet is OK.

  18. I bought mine right from Trek

  19. A good rule of thumb is every 4-5 years depending on how much you ride … UV breaks down the helmets efficiency to absorb impact forces … if the helmet was involved in a crash always replace it, period.

  20. Ozone will oxidize any helmet even if it is not getting used. Sweat and dirt are also factors. I can easily break an old helmet with my hands. A new helmet is considerably stronger for sure.

  21. I wear full face . They are built to last .

  22. replace? are you kidding, i'm still rocking this badboy*:

    (* obvs a joke)

  23. Every time I take it off my head.

  24. It would be nicer to be able to replace the head though.

  25. Replace if crash otherwise it's a waste

  26. Current helmet for commutes/road rides (where I'm more likely to get hit hard), and older helmet for mtn bike rides where I know I'm gonna bounce off some trees/lower speed impacts

  27. After I cracked it in half…

  28. I like to get new stuff so I get a new one almost every year. My helmet gets tons of use and looks pretty ragged after awhile.

  29. every 3 years…I do not cheap ut on my life

  30. Testing indicates that the expanded foam liner can retain its impact properties for many years.

  31. i have 1 for each bike i own 🙂 makes sense that way 🙂

  32. Either when I crash and hit the helmet, or probably about every 2 years. But I'm trendy that way.

  33. Without crashing, every five years. With a crash, immediately. Also, the sun will definitely take it's toll over time.

  34. i try to match the helmet to the colour of the bike i'm riding 🙂

  35. bikes are only on my head to avoid the fine .
    hahahahahahaha sorry typo
    Helmets are only on my head to avoid the fine.
    very little protection against idiot drivers

  36. replace it if you hit it.

  37. usually it's the pad inserts that expire/ get loaded with sweat and dead skin

  38. I recently had a bike accident that “dented” my helmet. Yes, always replace it after an accident. Technology has advanced quite a bit. Probably good advice.

  39. What bike helmet???

  40. Every year…

  41. Whenever there is any compromise or loss of integrity to the helmet, such as an accident… and if the foam/padding feels compressed (usually from sweat and longtime use). Good way to check is to simply feel how snug the helmet fits. If it moves around too much, it's time to replace it. The loft in the foam is what absorbs the shock of impact.

    As for factory recommendations, I won't say how accurate the numbers themselves are but the reasons for replacement are very concrete. The loft in the foam of the helmet is what protects your head. The outer shell merely protects the foam from exposure, and is not what makes your helmet "protective" (same with the lining, which protects the foam from exposure to your head and bodily fluids). That foam of course, compresses over time and loses its loft. The weight of the helmet on your head, your sweat, and other factors contribute to that wear and tear on the foam's air loft, and its ability to absorb shock.

    Of course, the problem with factory recommendations based on time, is that they don't know all the factors involved in the wear and tear, including how often you ride, what climate you ride in, how much you sweat, or how you store and handle your helmet (ie, I like to lock my helmet up with my bike rather than carrying it around with me. I know that reduces the life of the helmet, but that's a compromise I live with).

    So at the least, follow the two simple rules you can tell with your own eyes and head. 1) If there was any compromise to the helmet, like an accident or visible damage, replace the helmet. 2) If the helmet no longer feels snug to the head, and moves around when you shake your head… the foam has probably compressed and the helmet should be replaced. If you can keep a regular schedule of replacement, then even better!

    PS, this is the same for motorcycle helmets, too. 🙂 I was an instructor for the Canada Safety Council and Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

  42. My helmet‘s get fully saturated with sweat ever ride and I ride 3+ times per week so 12 months. It's not that expensive. I used to blow £400 a weekend partying quite regularly so I'm still saving money lol.

  43. UV rays break down the styrofoam which is why it's supposed to be replaced. Or, after any wreck where your helmet/head hits the ground. The past few years I've replaced mine out of necessity…wrecks. Prior to that, I managed bike shops for 12 years and got free helmets or pro-deals so replacing wasn't a thought.

  44. Only if it breaks. I have an odd shaped head (lols). So finding one that fits with comfort takes some finding .

  45. Yes every 5 years. Or take your chances.

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