How do you get rid of spongy brake feel?


Tech question: How do you get rid of spongy brake feel? Thanks all.

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  1. Hydraulic or cable brakes?

  2. Bleed them if hydraulic.

  3. Either incorrect pad alignment with exaggerated toe in or cheap callipers which flex under pressure

  4. Also check barrel adjusters they may need to be tightened

  5. Dilemma causes hand fatigue on long rides

  6. I'd re-center calipers and adjust cable tension and barrel adjusters.

  7. Brake less. But you could do that ^

  8. Yes indeed, brake tune up time. If that doesn't work, upgrade.

  9. Check for pad wear or cable stretch

  10. Is it spongy on the lever, or spongy on the modulation?

  11. If modulation, it could be contaminated pads. On the lever, it's likely the cable tension.

  12. Might new pads, but most likely you need new cables.

  13. You don't need brakes! They only slow you down.

  14. Square up the housing ends with a file so it bottoms out in the ferrule.

    Cable cutters don't cut square and the housing will squish and rock in the ferrule giving you the mushy feeling.

  15. Stop using sponges…

  16. Convert from Mechanical to Hydraulic

  17. New cables, spring adjustment usually by way of Allen key, proper pad alignment i:e make sure pads are correctly aligned to rims and not touching tyres when applied. Toe in is an option to some but I have always had flush mounted pads and never had any brake issues

  18. What kind? Rim brake road, rim brake mountain, disc brake hydraulic, disc mechanical?

  19. New high quality brake pads that are properly adjusted

  20. It can be inexpensive components. 1st culprit is cable housing. Then cables. If you still don't have the feel you want it time to look at the hardware.

  21. Best off getting local bike shop to look at then.brakes are one thing I won't muck around with

  22. If you have hydraulic disc brakes – then you bleed them… it's that simple.

  23. If you have clincher brakes, make sure the pads are not rubbing on the tire but sit squarely on the rim.

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