How do you secure your GPS?


Question: How do you secure your GPS?

I have a new Garmin with a large screen that I attach, via suction cup, to the inside of my windscreen but TWICE now it's fallen off at highway speeds and, luckilly, both times I've caught it.

I've tried mounting it in different locations figuring that if I had it closer to center there would be less "play" there but yesterday it fell off again.

I've cleaned the windshield suction cup but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

My GoPro stays put and it's mounted with a suction cup on the outside of the windscreen.

I bought a tank bag with a map window and stuck it in there but the glare was so bad that I couldn't see the screen.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I will repeat this once more…. Too many gadgets, bad for motorcyclist…. if it’s US or if it’s them. I do NOT read road signs in my Mirrors. If I spent that much time looking at something I shouldn’t , I would crash!! It takes a ful comittment of your facilities!! That said , If you won’t wear pants & boots, please use your suround sound, blu tooth, GPS, tape player, intercom & TV. Motorcycles are interesting enough by themselves, I for one, do NOT need to be entertained while travelin’ on my scooter! Rubber…. down!

  2. Mike Mike Bryan you don’t need to repeat your thoughts we got it the first time. If you don’t like them don’t use them. We all need to look at the consequences and make our own decisions. Thanks for your input though!

  3. Larr Slick I used a RAM Ball Mount mounted to the Sat Radio mount and attached it with a ball clamp. Works very well!

  4. Anyone see the post above this one?

  5. Floyd, 90u0025 of the time I do what you suggest and really enjoy being on a bike but sometimes I need a GPS.
    Dave, I have to agree with Larr, the .01 second I look at the GPS is no longer than I look at my gauges and the added benefit of being able to easily find gas, food and points of interest is awesome.

  6. It’s all about the responsible use of. A Gps offers an easy to read speedometer, warns you about exits, Speed limits, and they can tell you if there’s a gas station around. Last one is a rest area thing, but still.

  7. Ram makes nothing for a Sirius Sat Radio, they have stuff than can be cobbled together Thanks Glen,

  8. Here is how my Siriis sat radio is mounted

  9. And the back side

  10. I do a lot of exploring even on long trips. Having the GPS is the safest way to do that IMHO. Not only does it find the way using roads you would never ever try using a paper map but it gives you a view of the curves ahead long before you would ever see them with just your eyes while you ride. How many roads like this do you think I would have taken on my trip from NC to Texas without a GPS? If you said zero, you are right. I would have just stuck to the highways and missed a lot of awesome back-roads across some very pretty countryside. With the GPS set to Non-highway, shortest route that Adventure really begins. Note: Good driving skills are required especially if your GPS doesn’t know the difference between paved and unpaved like mine. πŸ˜‰

  11. I’m still thinking of going with a zune for the road, there is a lot involved with a sat radio, The fakra antenna is $50,00 ..

  12. So the intense conversations caused by tire threads, oil threads., wax and cleaners can now be attributed to a GPS thread…I enjoy the diversity of views…

  13. So Greg Ritter did you get any ideas!

  14. Yes! I’m looking into the RAM mount, looks like it might be the answer.

  15. Then there is this…

  16. I learned that with a 4.5 ton, 16′ box truck to not use the shortest route available option…..

  17. Michael Smith I have mark old cars , houses etc to return to or research about..also I have put in POI’S for dogs and deer

  18. The truck is getting a big rig gps or I will need to replace reverse soon

  19. LOL Larr ! Yep, mine takes me on some crazy roads from time to time. Sometimes it’s good practice doing U turns. Dirt and gravel roads are sometimes only one lane, down mountains with switchbacks but I love a good technical riding challenge so it’s all good. Oh, did I mention I pull a 375 lbs loaded trailer on long trips behind my bike too? πŸ˜‰

  20. A brave man Pete Owens. I travel lite..

  21. Yes, I use my gps to see the twists in the TN roads. It’s nice to know, as there aren’t many straight roads here, except interstates.

  22. A GPS can be very helpful. You do need to watch the road though. For your information a pilot spends about 60u0025 of his time looking out the window and 40u0025 monitoring cockpit gauges. It’s called cockpit management.

  23. I pull over to do anything that requires typing into the GPS. Too risky to try to do that while riding. Positioning of the unit is important too. Mine is front and center so very little eye movement is needed to view it and the road. On my last bike it was to the side and I like it centered so much better. My GPS replaces my speedometer. My speedometer is useless on the gas tank in my opinion. You about have to stand on your head to read it and it’s 10u0025 off anyway. I would rather not do math every time I want to check my speed πŸ˜‰

  24. Good info Hat Trick. I have traffic on one of my Garmins I use in my truck and I have not been impressed. Doesn’t seem to be recent enough info or something around here. Usually when it says there is a wreck ahead there is none and when there is it never says so. ????

  25. An app called waze is good for local traffic..

  26. Yep, my gauge management constitutes less than 1u0025 of my ride time. Quick glance at gauges, I’m done. As for routing, I pretty much have that worked out in my head, the gps is there to alert me of upcoming turns or road problems. Mine has traffic sense. And I seldom/never look at it when in traffic. My head and eyes are always watching for the cellphone cager.

  27. RAM mounting products. Amazon

  28. "Ram" waterproof and lockable.

  29. My GPS holder sits directly behind me.

  30. I use an iPhone 5S in a waterproof case with maps loaded on the phone from ALK called CoPilot. No data or cell signal required with preloaded maps. This is held in place by a RAM X-Mount while on the road. I use a charging cord wrapped in waterproof tape on the end that plugs into the phone so water can’t bypass that connection. The software only uses data with the 30 minute traffic check for the next 100 miles on my route.

  31. I have a tank bag that is so old that it has a clear pocket on top to display a map and keep it dry…

  32. When I don’t have a destination, I just use the GPS to get me home after hours of wandering the roads. Walmart sells a tank bag with the clear pouch.

  33. Tank bag from Walmart, it will also hold the GPS πŸ™‚

  34. Ah but to be lost on two wheels is adventure. Heck you may get to talk to someone, see something new. Four wheels transports the body. Two wheels transports the soul.

  35. I think that implies that you should trailer your bike to your destination? We transported our souls 2200 miles one way in 3 days on the bike for an 8 day adventure, getting lost on two wheels would have sucked…. πŸ™‚

  36. I pre plan my routs using basecamp and the NER website GPS routes. That way I can incorporate the best of new England roads into my travels.

    I could never travel all the places I go with a map, but with the GPS and Bluetooth in my helmet it makes it easy to visit new places, see new things, and take the best roads.

    If you ride in New England this is the place to start when planning a trip.

  37. Charlie, last Fri. my wife & I met 3 MC travelers from NC at a local cafe’. They (father, son & son’s friend) were making a loop through the Deep South. They visited several friends along the way. No schedule. No timetable. It was a pleasant encounter. They wanted to experience Cajun food & culture.
    I work in engineering. The last thing I want to do on a trip is PLAN. 2200 miles in 3 days sure sounds like work. Explore, seek out new civilizations. Go where no man has gone before! It is all about the experience. It is ALL about the trip!

  38. Best of New England ! This isn’t Kansas.

  39. Floyd, if they do not want to understand, you will never be able to explain.Let ’em plug in & tune out, it’s their loss, even if they never relize it. Ride with gusto!!

  40. My most memorable are pick a direction with no game plan but when services are needed my GPS is invaluable but afterwards back off the grid.

  41. I have ridden out many days using the gps to find food, gas and my way home…not a way there

  42. I find that most folks who poo=poo using a GPS have never used one at all and when they finally do, they change their minds. Even if you just have it on the bike to find the closest gas station, it can be incredibly useful.

  43. My RAM mount is permanently glued to the bike and my Zumo 550 is mounted there. Experimented with a few different options and like the one I have. You can see it here:

  44. Floyd, no schedule or no time table means retired or independently wealthy, I am neither of those. I choose my vacations by destination, I have already been all over the U.S. and that was before I started riding. I don’t let distance deter me. When you have 2 weeks vacation and your destination is 2200 miles away, it is easy to never get there by saying it is too far or you can suck it up and just do it.

  45. Charlie, I don’t fit. Not retired (yet). I seem to always be. trying to make ends meet. What I suggest is that making the trip your vacation & not your destination would be fun & maybe a lot less strenuous. Try the two pocket extended weekend. Pack light. Select a direction. If you see something interesting, stop. Do not travel the speed limit+. When you have exhausted half of your allotted funds or time, turn around and find a different way back. Enjoy the ride.

  46. Used to ride with a zumo 660 attached to handle bars. But the cradle died on me recently so for our last 4k mile trip I just had a basic garmin on my bars. I lead us so I am the one with the gadgets. My hubby wired up an outlet to my handle bar bag. While in sturgis I got something called the cell buckle ( which is working great. Less than $20. The cheapo garmin isn’t waterproof but it is behind my screen and I throw a bag over it if need be. I should get a new cradle for my zumo MC gps but it is like $90 so for now this works.

    They make phone and GPS mounts that are second to none in their ability to hold the device. The carrier is made to fit the phone & the exact case it’s in. And they do the same for GPS. I tried others before and once I got one of these there was no looking back. These things rock and are extremely reasonable in their pricing.

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