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I have a question. When traveling with our RV, my wife and I often stay overnight in Walmart parking lots. I know that Walmart doesn't allow tent camping but wondered if anyone has ever Walmart camped with a motorcycle camper? I'm planning on building a fixed sides motorcycle camper in the near future and hope to be able to do some overnights at Walmart when it's convenient. Thanks

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  1. Why T H would you camp at Walmart…. ?

  2. I saw a guy with a tent camper camp at Walmart once

  3. I would live a little, camp on grass and in lawn chairs with a fire, with other campers maybe by a river.

  4. Wynn…I was gonna ask the same exact question. Especially in s tent where you can’t lock yourself inside.

  5. I wouldn’t camp in a parking lot with anything someone could get into with a knife

  6. Regardless of safety issues…. imagine if it was a 24 hour walmart… l gottatwenty that says it will never happen more than 3times…. including rain days

  7. I said the word camp on here so now there are ads on my page for camping items

  8. my ex has a RV along with the trailer pulls his Harley and and he always stays at Walmart all the time even at shopping centers & malls at one time he stayed there over a month

  9. In my world there are 2 types of camping. Type 1 is the camping at my destination. This is typically several days or a week at a destination such as a beach, mountains, rally or event. Type 2 is the camping in route to or from the primary destination. Type 2 is where the Walmart camping fits in. Simply somewhere to rest and get some sleep. Nothing more, nothing less.

  10. Why walmart. The creepiest people go there.

  11. Fixed sides does not sound safe. You might be better off in an rv or a van.

  12. We’ve camped numerous times in our RV at walmarts all over the country without any problems. I always have my little friend Mr. 9mm nearby in case there are any problems. We always choose a 24hr Walmart and they almost always have a night guard patrolling the parking lot. We arrive late and leave early.

  13. Well at least Wal Mart has camera to record what happens. When stuff happens there, they almost always get busted. The tax dollars they contribute seem to keep the cops around. In the middle of the night weather you get hungry or have to see, your right there! I’ve stopped there for a quick stop enroute to a destination. Why set up and pay full price when your doing a nap and go?

  14. I’ve heard you could set in Wally World parking lot but haven’t done it yet. Have popup tent pulled by motorcycle & have popped it open in rest areas with no problems.

  15. I follow Jackie Heyen on FB. She travels with her Harley she calls Blue and pulls a trailer she calls tic tac. She frequently stays in Walmart lots. She could probably answer a lot of your questions.

  16. I follow Jackie Heyen on FB. She travels with her Harley she calls Blue and pulls a trailer she calls tic tac. She frequently stays in Walmart lots. She could probably answer a lot of your questions.

  17. Seems like every time I travel I end up at Walmart at least once to get stuff I need. Hmmm? Didn’t know that made me creepy or via-versa. Now I know! Lol

  18. You look like the guy on American Pickers.

  19. Frank is that you Frank

  20. why would you want to?

  21. I would check on a lot of state sponsored campsite list a lot of small towns in Nebraska have free camping and electricity at parks and such

  22. It depends on each store’s location, and the laws that the community in which the store is situated whether over night camping/parking is allowed, just call that store and ask for the overnight manager, and they can tell you if its ok..

  23. Stay at KOA’s

  24. walmart isnt camping lol

  25. I have slept under a light pole in a Walmart parking lot before on a spontaneous bike trip on a long weekend. Only had 1 person stop, but they asked me if I was OK (meaning broke down).

  26. Harry Stone, a simple response to a simple question is very refreshing.
    David Howell, every Wal-Mart seems to have different rules, depending on city ordinances. I say go for it. The worst that can happen is they’ll ask you to leave.

  27. The reason they camp there is they don’t want pay for something decent. Walmart does mind for one night, They just don’t want awnings and lawn chairs out. That’s called homesteading.

  28. Local church lots are good, best to get there before employees go home and ask.

  29. I work at a walmart. I have never seen tent camping on our lot but as long as you are passing through I don’t believe it would be an issue. They wouldn’t allow it if you wanted to just stay there. Mine is a 24 hr store with a police substation in our lot.

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