How can I prevent muscle cramps while riding a bike?


Good day! How can I prevent muscle cramps while riding a bike? I actually almost die

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  1. About 2 weeks before a big ride I start hydrating like crazy. I also increase my magnesium intake.
    I also use salt & pickle juice for cramps It helps SO much! Conditioning is another big factor

  2. Bananas for the potassium. I had the same while swimming. Bananas cured it completely

  3. Hydrate, electrolytes in some form like Gatorade etc. The magnesium is a good idea you can take an Epson salt bath and the magnesium is made more bioavailable through the skin than it is by ingesting it. It also helps the potassium get metabolized. Some can do bananas but they upset my stomach. If they upset your stomach try eating half of one.

  4. Eat two bananas a day or more

  5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

  6. mustard packets. Take 2 as soon as you get a hint of a cramp. Best part is they're free at any convenience store that sells hot dogs.

  7. Water, magnesium, and bananas work for me

  8. All of this will work, but so will a banana before your ride if you're not going that far. 🙂 I usually have a banana before my ride and then one at like 30 miles (if I'm doing 60) then I'll ride back. I just stick it in my back pocket. I hate pickles though.

  9. There is no cure. Preparation helps, don't go out too hard at the start. Learn to ride through them, stopping helps not at all.

  10. Rolaids or Tums. I thought it was an old wives tale. But it works! I take 3-4 after 1 hour and every hour or so.

  11. If your cramping before 20 miles, you need some suppliments of magnesium, Folic acid, amino acids, and carbs. If its after 40, 50 or 60 miles, you need better nutrition while riding. There are a slew of products to eat and drink while riding, and you'll get as many products as you do people who have opinions, but find something that gives you carbs, amino acids, and calories. if your muscles are cramping, your not getting enough of something you need. I found out it was carbs and amino acids that I needed while riding 50+ miles. I starting drinking Carbo-rocket 333 and I don't cramp at all anymore, even up to 100 miles. Just one opinion of hundreds you could get on this group…

  12. hydrate, hydrate, hydrate……

  13. All you pickle juice maniacs need to try Base performance salt. No GI effects at all.

  14. pickle juice!

  15. Eating right and staying hydrated

  16. Double espresso

  17. Stay hydrated….as I get older I am taking Magnesium Oxide along with other vitamins…… also I take a banana and Cliff Bars on longer rides…besides this leg and back massages by a voluptuous masseuse helps after each ride…..just saying lol

  18. Have a papaya kale smoothie before riding, or drink water with juice of half a lemon per bottle, or pack in jersey pocket a couple of Saltstick caplets.

  19. light stretch before riding;heavy stretch right after; hydrate more. ride more often

  20. pickles juice.

  21. I ride with water with honey lemon juice and salt in bottles on all rides, and usually raisins/haribo, banana and some brown bread when I'm going more than 70 or so. Less than that big load of carbs (porridge/pasta) and the bottle mix and should take you through. I do think that poor nutrition is often blamed for poor performance, when really, poor conditioning is the issue. Much light a lot of riders would do well to look at shaving grams from themselves not their bikes if they want to climb faster 🙂

  22. Hydrate . keep up sodium levels , and possibly magnesium and or potassium levels Sodium try Base Salts, Potassium from bananas

  23. Keeping yourselt fit. Makesure you do fitness once or twice a week to stretch out the stress in the muscle

  24. Drink lots of water. Hydrate. Drink more. Dont stop when your ride ends

  25. coconut water……a glass has as much potassium as five bananas…..and it tastes good! Works for me. and I do take Magnesium and Calcium when I do rides longer than 40 miles.

  26. Big fan of sports legs but also use an elctrolyte mix such as hammer or my favorite is cytomax (orange is delicious). Another thing I have done on 24 hour mountain bike races is either yellow mustard or pickle juice both of which help almost immediately after cramps set in. I prefer the pickle juice but it is easier to carry mustard packets.

  27. Eat more bananas

  28. im lucky that i just dont get cramps but stay hydrated is #1 for sure. the potassium in bananas is very helpful. eat more bananas i eat at least 3 a day. not for cramps, bc they're yum 🙂

  29. I, Always eat a banana, before I ride. It helps to prevent cramps.

  30. Cramps are from dehydration or low potassium, drink lots of water , if it continues check with your doctor

  31. Pickle juice works well for me. I try bananas but not much help.

  32. Drink pickle juice

  33. Hydrate and more sources of potassium

  34. I usually start drinking a lot of water an hour or two before i ride.

  35. experiment find out what works for u, when I first started riding centuries I would go out with people a lot faster than me and blow up in the second half of the ride often with excruciating cramps, thigh muscles seize so bad I could hardly get them worked out and then just limp home always on the verge of cramping. I learned to drink more, more often, water alt with electrolyte mix, Hammer bottles filled 3/4 gel 1/4 or 1/5 water. and do my share of drafting, learning curve my buddies that raced knew a lot of this already, however if I am good with the previous mentioned and have built up to the ie., in shape for the distance, speed, all good no more cramping. Even if I am not good IE., not in shape for distance or speed and try and hammer anyway I may blow up before the ride finishes but don't cramp

  36. Most people lack magnesium, great for cramps and heart palpitations, the body needs magnesium for heaps of stuff.

  37. most cramps is dehydration, but this is also caused by not fit enough to do the attempted ride, Magnesium is also known to be good but be careful, I for one cannot take any Magnesium it is worse then cramps, but a lot is down to your fitness level

  38. I only get those right before I go to bed but they can be totally debilitating and even scary when they go the length of your leg what I do is I limped to the refrigerator and I get something called relax and restore Whole Food magnesium is anti-stress calming helps with regularity as they call it and it stops cramps dead in their tracks very fastly absorb this powdered melts in water especially if you put it in a little carbonated water you drink it down and the cramp will be gone so fast you can't believe it and the other thing people mention is pickle juice I do not understand how this works but when I buy pickles I save the whole jar of pickle juice and that works just as well as the magnesium for some reason even though it's got Junk in it I'd rather not have like nowadays most every pickle has yellow dye number 5 I don't really want to drink the same dye that my clothes are dyed with but so be it pickle juice is awesome for cramps

  39. The brand name of the Magnesium is not whole food that was a capitalization done by my phone the brand name is Garden of Life and I think it's the best one you can get your hands on I have similar ones there's another brand that I have called natural vitality and then it's just natural calm Plus calcium premium balance magnesium calcium drink that stuff works very well too I think it might cost a little less as well hope this helps

  40. Hopefully it isn't nerve problems coming from your lower back or pelvic triangle, have you injured your lower back? Probably need to drink more though , even if not thirsty have a drink every 15 min or so , mayber more on a hot day.

  41. stretch first, each muscle 30 seconds each before you ride

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