How do you keep the sweat out of your eyes?


How do you keep the sweat out of your eyes when on a long bike ride?

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  1. I cut the sleeve off an old t-shirt, put it on then my helmet

  2. I do a headstand on the saddle whilst singing old Polish folk songs, seems to help!

  3. Get a cap designed for cycling, thin membrane. It will stop the sweat, and then your helmet ventilation should allow it to evaporate leaving some moisture … And salt.

  4. Go faster!

  5. Stop and lay in a stream

  6. I wear a do-rag under my helmet.

  7. After a minute or two the sweat doesn't bother me…now let's ride!

  8. Petrolium gelly on eyebrows

  9. Wipe with cycling glove. Repeat.

  10. My friend swears by doorags. Personally they make my head too hot. My helmet keeps it contained for the most part. But others use head bands, or bandanas.

  11. Ride faster!

  12. I use my riding glove or a cap/do-rag.

  13. Good question Scott. I use GUTR that I found on Amazon.

  14. Lazer helmet with gel pad in front. Not sure they make it any longer.

  15. I lean over far enough to drip on the frame

  16. I use a bandana . . .

  17. Sweatband!!!

  18. What Carlos said,

  19. a short stop for a cold slushie or iced cappuccino or beer 😉

  20. Wipe away with a hand. I know it becomes irritating for me as well. I don't like to glove unless i race. Wrist band…

  21. I have a very long tongue

  22. Wear a bike cap under the helmet, preferably a non-cotton one.

  23. wicking bike cap… does great

  24. I wear a buff under my helmet.

  25. Bandana. Oddly enough I just bought some from Hobby Lobby (wondering aimlessly waiting for my wife, I bumped into them lol). There thin 100 percent Cotton and soft. I like using these.

  26. Snot rocket rag??

  27. Skull cap

  28. Halo sweat band.

  29. I use the Halo head bands, if you ring them out once they get soaked they work pretty good for me.

  30. Grow bushier eyebrows?


    These were developed by a hockey player for his helmet.
    They work well but may need more than one on a longer ride

  32. I take a towel w I use the ones from Sams that come in a pack of 50 I think for like 25 bucks.

  33. Hehehe…ride faster and let the take care of the rest. LOL.

  34. I use a scarf just tie something right there on your forehead

  35. Depends pad under helmet

  36. Here in St. Louis, MO where summertime temperatures can hover near 100 F with Dew points in the 70's, you break a sweat the moment you walk out the front door.

    It's not uncommon for me to hydrate with 2-3 liters each ride.

    I've been using the Ventilator Caps and Bandannas from Sweat Vac for several years. Eventually, they get saturated on my rides, but overall they do a pretty fair job keeping the sweat out of my eyes. Not perfect, but fairly effective and comfortable.

  37. Ride faster….

  38. Terry head band. Get or make several. You might need more than one on long hot rides.

  39. Stop shaving your eyebrows!

  40. Terry headband. Carry several if you are out on a multi-hour ride.

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