Do you use clips to ride or not?


Question for the mountain bikers out there……do you use clips to ride or not? What’s your reasoning behind your decision?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Clipless on all of my bikes- Shimano SPD's are bulletproof, inexpensive and reliable. I like being clipped in: the connection to bike is solid, more efficient especially since I ride and race single speeds, and is much easier to get the bike off the ground when clearing obstacles. It's a personal choice though as I know some very good mtn bikers who ride flats. Whatever you feel comfortable on.

  2. I use both clipless and flats. With flats in muddy conditions is where they fail imo my feet tend to be all over the pedals and find myself constantly trying to reposition, i like to feel a more solid connection such as i get with clipless. I loosen the tension all the way on my clips and can get out fairly easy during a crash.

  3. I think it depends on the type of riding you do. I mostly do downhill and technical climbing. I use flats. If i was more into xc or mixed trail riding i would probably use clips. I only use clips on my road and cx bikes.

  4. I use Shimano SPD clips and my pedals are clipless on one side and flat on the other. This gives me the advantage of both. Generally I spend 80-90% of the time on the dirt trails clipped in.

  5. also an SPD guy, I got into mountain biking after years of road biking.

  6. Clips also on all bikes. They can be a problem in snow, but could never go back to flats. When snow and ice about I have one side clip with one flat add-on o each pedal

  7. CrankBrother Egg Beaters. Yes.
    I ride mainly Single Track

  8. Hate clippless… there dangerous… the gains you get is nullified by the dangers they present…

  9. I strongly advise flats to start. I tried to clip in first time and it was a dozen falls or more

  10. I often switch between spd's and flats depending on where I'm going/what I'll be riding. It's all about personal choice, if you like flats use flats, if you like clips use clips. If you like both use both

  11. Always clips all the time. It makes you try harder, keeps you connected, feet are ALWAYS in the right position, and allows you to pedal all the way around – not just mashing the pedals.

  12. Crank Bros. on my mountain bike and road bike. I have toyed with going to flats on tougher trails but haven't yet. It's also nice to put power to the drivetrain on the upstroke too especially on a longer road ride.

  13. I use clips on the road and flats on the trails

  14. Clips on the road bike since im speed/ endurance oriented; NOT on the mountain bike for need of a "quick ejection" lol

  15. Clipless. For the control over the wild beast betweem my legs

  16. Look Click – ons / clipless

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