Looking for recommendation for bike lights


Looking for recommendation for bike lights, front and bike. Too many out there to chose from.

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  1. I like the Saris ones… totally seizure worthy

  2. What type of riding conditions will you be using them in. There's no point in trying to answer your question without more specifics.

  3. Rechargable. Strong enough to be seen from Neptune. Multiple flash settings. Name escapes me.

  4. Cat-Eye. I've got the 700volt and 800volt headlights on my bikes since I like to ride at night.

  5. I followed the advice in this article and I am very pleased – these two lights have worked out perfectly for me. http://m.thesweethome.com/reviews/best-commuter-bike-lights/

  6. Cygolite. Very bright. Easy to recharge. Available on amazon.com.

  7. I have the Cateye volt 800. It has served me very well! For a tail light I use the garmin varía. If you already have the right garmin now, it's an excellent combo.

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