Honda Shadow Speaker/Aux


What kind of speaker/aux setup do y’all recommend

‎Joey Linginfelter‎ 6 years 6 Answers 1056 views 0

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  1. The wind on a twisty backroad…… never been a fan of stereos on bikes. Already enough distractions watching the cagers(the ones that have never riden a motorcycle before) not knowing how to drive..

  2. The kind that stays in my truck. A radio on a bike would drive me nuts.

  3. Just cause you have a sound system doesnt mean you need to listen to it every time you ride. Now for an answer to your???. Depends how much you want to spend. You can get a nice 2 speaker system for under $50. I have the Boss MC400. I can hear it while riding and still hear my cobra pipes with no baffles. Mines mot Bluetooth. I connect it to my phone with an aux cord. They do make Bluetooth 2 speaker and 4 speaker systems for a little more money

  4. Definitely prefer in-headset sound. It’s not like you can hear much over your engine.

  5. I use ipod and ear buds

  6. I went thru this very thing. I ran a 4 channel stereo from Shark. After replacing the wired remote a couple of times I sat back on day and realized I actually hated the way the speaker pods looked on the bars. I removed them and just use my Sena 10S with my HJC half helmet. This works for me until I do a full Batwing with a system installed.

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