GPR or Ohlins Steering Damper?


GPR or Ohlins steering damper? Pros/cons?

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  1. Daniel Salazar ohlins has a great rep overall on all there products, I had a ohlins on my cbr it did its job, gpr good too, just can’t go wrong with ohlins. Also Ohlins will engage when it feels the herky jerky of the speed wobble it’ll engage,


    Ohlins all the way. Had ohlins on my 2012 r6 loved it, have gpr on my 2017 r6 hate it… as soon as ohlins will come out with the bracket for 17 r6 im replacing it immediatly… dont get me wrong they both work great, ohlins is slightly better, if ur on a budget then gpr, if u got the money ohlins and u wont have to worry or look back

    • What’s wrong with the GPR? I hate the look of the Ohlins


        Ohlins engages if you try to jerk the streeting, gpr is always engaged, thats my biggest issue, and yes gpr does look better compared to ohlins, but i like how ohlins look too

        • Nowhere did I say I was gonna choose soley based on looks, just said I hate how the ohlins looks


            I did my research before i purchased my first damper, and now i owned them both, like i said just get ohlins and you wont have to worry or look back.

  2. Gprs seals will leak after few seasons, but gpr will fix them at no charge just a lil hassle though, but i love my gpr put that thing on 20 n it goes thru high speed turns easy wit no worries of bobbles… never had ohlins damper but its ohlins gotta be good

  3. GPR for sure Ohlins is the worst co I ever dealt with. They DO NOT stand behind their product.

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