Honda CRF250L Upgrades


What’s the first three upgrads everyone would recommend? My 250L comes in this week!!!

Definatly getting new grips and handguards.

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  1. Skid plate, radiator protection.

  2. Might want to change the sprocket to 13 tooth?

  3. 13 tooth and clutch

  4. Or if you can aford it, ejk full exhaust and airbox mod

  5. 2017 header is a bit bigger now mite get away with just the muffler. It would be further down the list also

  6. Been riding my 17 rally totally stock and it’s just fine.

  7. 13t and clutch give it so much more torque

  8. Ride it then see what you really need. Most “upgrades” actually degrade the bike.

  9. Internet access and a credit card. You can’t stop at three mods

  10. +1 for the 13t drive sprocket. Most bang per buck, its the cheapest performance mod.

  11. 13/42 sprockets. Great for off-road. Easy to pop the 14 tooth back on if you are doing a trip or commuting. (Stock is 14/40 and you can still use the factory chain)

  12. Congrats, man! Not sure how much you want to spend but has a performance package that I got which covered a lot of the suggestions I’ve seen people make (I added the 13t option and also got the larger airbox).…/355_358_290/products_id/6576

  13. A seat concepts seat was one of my 1st upgrades. The stock seat hurt my back (I got a bad back). But the new one is awesome!

  14. Seat and gas tank if you’re looking to do any long distance or a gas can mount.

  15. 1. Folding shift lever\n2. Irc tr8 front tire\n3. Couple pair of padded bike shorts or a seat concepts seat.

  16. If used mostly offfroad, 13/42 or lower gearing, protection(skid/rad/handguards/folding shifter), clutch, suspension, tires, stage 1. If used primarily onroad, 13/40, clutch, suspension, stage 1, seat. My first mod was a fender eliminator, had a DRC on order before I brought the bike home from the dealer, the factory tail doesn’t hurt anything, but it’s hideous. Racetech suspension more than anything else transformed the bike, but of course it’s pricey, even just a spring swap will do wonders for anyone over 150#

  17. This is such a subjective topic. Totally depends on what your goals are. For me, some basic protection (Hand Guards, Skidplate, and Radiator Guard) were my primary changes which were super important. Couple that with at least a few hundred miles, if not a few thousand. Like Tim said, just enjoy it, and then decide where to go from there. Since then I’ve done the 13/42 gear change, DRC taillight, Racetech Rear Shock and Front Spring, EJK, FMF, Rally Shifter, Motoz Tractionator tires blah blah I have clutch upgrades sitting here, wouldn’t mind a seat upgrade as well but also need to fix my bent handlebars, shifter, and brake pedal. If you plan to ride hard off road like me or just want to be prepared, get a spare oil filter cover, I learned a hard lesson there. There’s tons you can do, but I would first see what you want to do with it, figure out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve realized mine cannot do everything I want, the way I want and thats okay too!

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