CRF250L Oil Question


can i ask something?
why there’s an oil coming out under the engine during long rides? is it a normal discharge?
im lil bit worried about it..

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Answers ( 10 )

  1. Oil you sure or Coolant?

  2. Sounds like coolant from the weep hole

  3. It’s normal

  4. There is a weep hole under the water pump on right side.

  5. Yeah from what I understand almost all of them weep a bit of coolant from that “breather” tube . Your good, no worries

  6. ok guys.. thank you so much..

  7. Mine did the same thing, stopped after around 1000 miles ­čÖé

  8. before i thought its excess oil that comes out…

  9. I think it’s normal..

  10. To answer your first question: yes.

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