Ignition coil off a 2014 CRF250L


Looking for a bit of advise with the ignition coil off a 2014. With the ignition on, the engine will wind over power to the fuel pump plug, however no spark.

The blue and black wire has a ignition live to it, but cannot seem to get anything through the green and red one from the ECU. I assume that one is a signal to fire?

Am I on the right track thinking it could be one of the shutdowns (ie kickstand bank angle ect ) inhibit the spark and not the ignition?

All the parts have been removed from a running bike in preparation to be fitted to a go kart.

Thanks for any help.

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    The wire going to the ECU is a low side switch. This means you won’t be able to detect a voltage through it as it is connected to ground. You will need to pull your multimeter into a continuity mode. Then test the wire with the other probe grounded. When the ECU triggers the coil, it should be a continuous circuit. Other option is an oscilloscope and a 10k resister between the ignition wire(12v) and the ECU coil wire. Measuring from the ECU coil wire to the frame, you should see square waveforms when cranking, this indicated that the ECU is triggering the coil.


    Yes the side stand switch and bank angle sensor. Also there is a piece according to ron walls in the original key switch which is required to turn it on. Clutch switch and nuetral need checking too.


    Before you pull out oscilloscopes etc check the simple stuff. It wont start if the sidestand switch is not closed circuit


    Test the ignition by putting on a spare spark plug on the high tension wire and grounding it onto the engine. Sparks should be observed while cranking the starter.

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