Has anyone tent camped along the blue ridge parkway?


Has anyone tent camped along the blue ridge parkway? Any suggestions besides just going for it?

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  1. We had a great time there are campgrounds along it

  2. Tent camped from a car once for a long weekend. Just need to be aware there are critters. Woke up to deer right outside the tent once. Later that night woke up to something much bigger & heavier than the deer. Didn’t look out to see what that one was…

  3. Dustan Westbrook just go for it there are alot of campgrounds all along the parkway some right along the way some a little ways off but great places all

  4. When are yall thinking of going

  5. Bear spray

  6. Stayed at the Iron Horse Campground, it’s a great place

  7. You got to get her a camper show her mine

  8. I’ve been up the blue ridge parkway the last three years in October. Absolutely perfect. There are campgrounds ⛺️ all along there. Never had any issues finding a place to camp. Year before last I was packing up my stuff to move on and had a nice size bear browsing in the bushes about twenty yards away. I think she was waiting for me to leave to see if I left any snacks

  9. Blue Ridge Camp Ground is AWESOME. WE also like the campground on Mt Pisgah. DO NOT miss Sliding Rock or the Falls right down the street. You can swim and get behind the falls, or sit on the rock right under the falls (hard A*s) required. Then make sure you go see Wheels Through Time \

  10. Check out Army core of engineer site. The camp grounds they build usually have very low and sometimes free tent camping. They will be off the main roads and will be quite and most likely adjacent to a body of water.

  11. Also check out Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground and Willville Bike Camp – both motorcycle only campgrounds. Also Elizabeth Furnace Campground up by Front Royal at the far end and just off of of the BRP

  12. Don’t forget Skyline Drive too. Basically a continuation of the Blue Ridge Parkway going up into Shenandoah natl park. It’s all good.

  13. Have for years. I go to the most primitive sites. Stop to sleep, not listen to everyone rugraTs all evening.

  14. Skyland drive , better watch that 35. Mph and they mean 35. Big meadows is a great visit. Get there about daylight and walk around to get some fantastic deer photos. Sometimes bear. The campground is not primitive but is nice just about every time I have been in it bears come through somewhere ,always sleep with a pistol and pepper spray in a tent.

  15. That’s where I had my bear encounter one morning. Next day I was headed back south in that same vicinity when I had another close call with the biggest ole mama bear I’ve ever seen. She came down through the bushes right next to the road. She stepped out in front of me and stopped when she saw me coming. Thank goodness for that 35 mph limit. Lol. As I passed by her she was only about 5 feet from me. If I had tried to stop I would’ve been right there by her so I went around her and then stopped a hundred ft past her. I watched as she let three Cubs cross the road. Almost like a school crossing guard.

  16. I saw 5 black bears along Skyline Drive one day.

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