Going camping in Paducah Ky


Going camping in Paducah Ky. For the first time, traveling from STL..Any suggestions?

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  1. ride up to Land Between the Lakes at Grand Rivers exit. Eat at Patti’s. Then ride down the trace its a beautiful ride.

  2. Land Between the Lakes….ride the twisties hugging the lake, #206.

  3. Hit hwy 421, rabbit hash KY, hwy 60 and 66 in Indiana you can cross over to KY at Evansville. Aloy of good roads to get to land between the lakes

  4. if you are not fond of scary bridges, do NOT take the steel deck bridge over the ohio river…. with the trailer bouncing around… had a panic attack half way across….

  5. In 3 weeks I’ll be near there, Hawg Valley Bike Rally in Graham

  6. Plenty of good riding in the area. Highway 60. Is nice road. Paris Tennessee is a good ride south on trace. Union city Tennessee is nice also has discovery center. 4 rivers Harley on 24 east of Paducah.

  7. The ferries at Hickman and Cave-in-rock are fun.

  8. In Paducah you will want to try Pizza by the Pound great little bar with better food. Also, check out Parkers Drive Inn. If you are there on Saturday night they have all kinds of stuff going on down town.

  9. land between the lakes. Try Patties Settlement lots of small stores and sight seeing and go to the Patties Restaurant

  10. See land between lakes,

  11. You’ve got the perfect bike for it.

  12. Whoaaaaaa, daughter in law is dilating, so I’m camping closer to home at Hawn State Park..

  13. Have blast !!!

  14. Shelbyville camp grounds or Taylor vilke state

  15. Just got done packing going to Hawn State Park here in Missouri. Just 1.5 hrs away..

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