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Storage advice Hi everyone I was recently told that I need not do anything to store my 06 Heritage Softail Classic in a shed for the winter because it’s fuel injected Is there any truth to this? I don’t have the capability to raise it off the ground but even a fuel additive is not necessary? Any thoughts or advice for proper storage in a non heated shed?

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  1. Top off the tank, add a fuel stabilizer, change the oil, a scissor jack would be good to relieve some of the weight off the tires. put steel wool in the exhaust at the tips wash it and wax it to keep the moisture from being absorbed into the dirt, put the battery on a tender, if there’s no power in the shed, remove the battery, take it in the house and put it on a tender. Don’t bother covering it. and do whatever it takes to keep the rodent out.

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  3. I put mine on a battery tender, use fuel stabilizer, put steel wool in the exhaust tips, and cover it. I do not change my oil till spring.

  4. Add a full bottle of seafoam to your gas tank then fill it the rest of the way with gas. Sea foam will work better than a fuel stabilizer.

    • Also, do not start your bike over the winter unless your going to get it up to normal operating temperature. This will actually draw oil on to the system.

    • Read the directions Add about 8oz Seafoam to 5 gallons Seafoam is a stabilizer , I don’t use Stabil the bike doesn’t like it. The reason why you don’t start your bike is the hot oils plural will form condensation in a cold garage or shed. And it’s better to change the oil before storage because all the crap will settle in the jug over the winter and be the first thing sucked into the engine when you start it in the spring. But everyone’s got their own way to do it.

  5. At least fill the tank and if your shed has power use a battery tender.Stabilizer is really to save your carb but since you dont have one your choice. Throw a cheap cover ( one that breathes) over it or a King size sheet if you have one. This is the Basics Im sure there are people that will tell you all kinds of things like you are going to Mothball it for 20 years but we are only talking 2 or 3 months. LOL

  6. its also a good idea to coat the motor and anything chrome with wd 40. i would also spray wd 40 on all my switches. dont wipe it off the motor either. when you start the bike next year it will steam off.

    if there is no floor in your shed then you could use some palletts and maybe reinforce them some.

  7. There is concrete slabs that sit as the floor. I was going to put blue styrofoam insulation under the bike

  8. My 01 just sits out in the winter. With a walmart cover. Its still going strong and still shiny. I put the tinder on whenever there might be a clear warmer day then drive it for an hour after I take it to the car wash and spray the cobwebs off

  9. Bullshit you need to follow the recommended storage steps in the manual. If you store that motorcycle with gas that contains ethanol an no fuel stabilizer your asking for problems. Basically fresh fuel new oil and if it was in a shed I would put mothballs around it to keep mice from backing on wires.

  10. I don’t do anything but plug mine in and start it every so often.A fuel stabilizer may not be necessary but wouldn’t hurt and probably a good idea.I do ride mine all year unless the roads are salted.

  11. All this reminds me of what we did in the 70s when we left on a 6 to 7 month cruise. We parked our bikes at the head of the pier in the MC parking and upon our return kicked it till the engine started rode to the 1st gas station for some fresh gas. LOL

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