Good Jack that will work on an Indian as well as a Victory?


Can anybody recommend a good Jack that will work on an Indian as well as a Victory? I’m not looking to store the bikes on the jack, only going to use it for cleaning, maintenance and projects. Thanks!

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  1. This is what we had with our Yamaha and it works great with the Indian

  2. J&S is awesome for my Chieftain

  3. J&S they’re super strong and they have an adapter just for Indians

  4. Probably lots of Jack’s will do the job but I think it might be important to get the Indian adapter.

  5. J&S Jacks, hands down. They’re spendy, but I have zero interest in putting up a pair of $20K+ bikes on less. I have one and their dolly. Also have a Victory and an Indian and live a few miles from you. You’re welcome to come check it out if you’d like.

  6. I use a regular motorcycle jack for my Vintage!

  7. A few have recommended the J&S ( I have one) and it is a strong jack. The only down side is the limitations on where you can lift the the bike. If you are going to be changing your own oil, it will be a tight fit getting the drain plugs out and how the oil will make a mess. This jack is a little tight for oil changes.

    • That is interesting! I had not heard that issue mentioned before, and just ordered a J&S jack last month (hasn’t shipped yet). You’re saying it is a bit of a pain, but still doable, right?:

    • yes it is doable. I had to cut a coke can to fashion a deflector to direct the oil from dripping on the stand and into the drip pan. The mounts that they give you almost covers the plugs.

    • Good ol’ Harbor Freight jack. Think I paid $89 for mine and it’s lifted many a large bike with no problems. Even lifted the tongue of my neighbors big trailer to swing it around. I don’t see the need to spend lots of money for something I only use a few itmes a year.

    • Bruce, What model do you have? Did you have to buy an Indian adapter?

    • Not sure of the model. There was one cheaper I think. Definitely under $100. For now I just use 2 pieces of 3/4 wood cube stock laid perpendicular across the lifts. I’m going to try the big rubber bumpers but I just haven’t needed to get around to it yet. I’ve used this jack on Roadstars, HD, Guzzi, Indian. Never had a problem. Even used it to help remove the Guzzi engine and roll it around the garage.

  8. I use the Harbor Freight table with a Condor wheel chock on the front. It will lift about 32 inches.

  9. Pancake jack it is flat use a ratchet wrench to raise up and down slides under frame of bike.

  10. I Have a J & S jack for sale $550 plus shipping. Weighs approximately 70lbs. Has Indian adapters as well. Needed a table lift instead. 708-285-1962

  11. Regular sears craftsman motorcycle jack.


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