2018 Grom Stunt Bike


I just bought this 2018 Grom! What should I do to it to make it better?
Goal: Is to make it a stunt bike?

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  1. Photo of the my 2018 Grom

  2. Sub cage

  3. Flush mount indicators

  4. Gears. Most people use -1 front +1 rear. I’m running +1 in the front(less stress on engine) and +11 rear. 60mph top speed but comes up super easy.

  5. 250 swap. Lol jk new handlebars

  6. Hit up kevtek for cage subcage and axle sliders!

  7. Just picked up my 18 and with 0 Miles I already did the one thing you should start with. Bars and grips

  8. 428 o-ring chain and fender eliminator and ride it ? If you’re going to wheelie it do some kind of mod to keep the engine from getting oil starved (oil pickup is in the front of the engine)

  9. Stainless brake lines and better front fork internals.

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