Good Traffic Lawyer in South Carolina


Anyone know a good lawyer in South Carolina so my insurance company won’t take me for a ride…


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  1. What happened?

  2. Got Ran off road ..

  3. Are you ok man?

  4. Yeah.. Busted shoulder

  5. Damn, I hope youre getting checked first brother, make sure there’s an accident report first get as much info as you can from the driver of thr cage and talk to the insurance company first, if they’re reputable they will come through for you, no need for a lawyer, unless you’re planning on suing wich you can do after anyway.

  6. Motorcycle law group 1-800-321-8968 i think they do south Carolina.

  7. Why lawyer up before even hearing what the Ins Co will do? All that’s gonna do is put everyone involved on the defensive.

  8. I am a nc insurance agent and have progressive as a company they are good. I have an agreed amount on my bike and replacement cost- don’t worry they pay claims brother

  9. Dammit. 18 wheels or 2, you are a target for those with 4.

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