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Okay. This will be interesting. Does anyone know what the quietest mufflers are for a Softail? I have a 2014 103″ Fatboy and I would love to make it as quiet as possible. Yes, I realize I may be the only one.

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  1. Stock ones…

  2. What he said ^^^^^. They don’t get any quieter than stock.

  3. Sell and get a gold wing….

  4. V&H make EU compliant slipons. Those are pretty quiet.

  5. They’re all quiet. It’s when you start it that’s your problem.

  6. You need to see a doctor. You need help. Lol.

  7. Terry but a good set of earplugs. But seriously like they said there is nothing quieter then stock .

  8. Are you running stock.

  9. Real question… why do you want to go quiet?

  10. To prevent hearing loss and ringing in my ears. I use foamies but they tend to hurt after a while. Frankly, the stock pipes hit a frequency that drove me nutts. I purchased Vance and Hines Twin Slash with the quiet baffle and repacked them. They are tolerable. The lower frequency tone helps. If I could find pipes that had a low rumble like the tourers do I think that would work well. Just thought I would post this to see.

  11. At 60 mph I want to hear the wind and not the pipes.

  12. My hearing is still awesome. I use these, you night try them. I still get the benefit of a slightly louder pipe (V&H TwinSlash) but my ears are protected. By the way, wind noise is very damaging to your hearing.

  13. I will give them a try. Thank you!

  14. Here is a link about hearing protection. It’s what hot me out of foam earplugs. https://youtu.be/aBHbtLWFF30

  15. I purchased foam ones after trying multiple pairs at a local gun shop. Darned things are terribly uncomfortable and even painful after a while. Thank you. I will order those other ones and read and watch this. Much appreciated.

  16. Hi Ron Stevenson Just wanted you to know that I purchased the ear plugs and they work very nicely. I like them much more than the foamies I have. I can experience riding and the wind and yet sound is clearly lessened but in a good way. I also do not have any pain. I do not know what it is but when the foamies expand they become so darned uncomfortable. These are perfect. I love the little case, too. Plus the kit came with two replacement sets, too. Much appreciate this. Thank you!

  17. Muffin the extras are different sizes. Medium and small. The sound protection devices came in the large set that I received. Very comfortable on a 5 hour ride this weekend and nice to be able to hear when I was home. Glad they work for you!

  18. Thanks for letting me know. I will try the smaller sizes just to check. Again, thanks so much. It also is nice to be able to hear the rumble, too, but it is perfect.

  19. The more you restrict the exhaust the hotter your engine will run.

  20. if you got vance,s like i do they make 3 baffles even quiet will still give you some rummble

  21. California stock.

  22. Didn’t think this kind of people existed….

  23. Well everyone has their thing. Unless its for a specific purpose I think hes nuts and ruining it but thats just my 0.02. His bike he can paint it pink and replace all the chrome with starfire yellow I would think the same thing but if it floats his boat so be it. The bikes with the giant front wheels and long as duals and fishtails cant stand that style anyway but again its their style.

  24. Devon Yost and Dooley. I love your posts. Here is the deal. When I ride it after about an hour my ears start to ring bad and especially after I park it. When I rode with the standard baffle in my Vance and Hines Twin Slash pipes the sound actually caused pain. It now has a “quiet” baffle from VH and I packed it myself with fiberglass. It is “tolerable”. I would love to find a deeper sounding pipe but buying this or that and trying it can get expensive. One person here gave me a recommendation for some ear plugs. They are on the way. In the meantime, I would love to hear a set of pipes from S&S, Arlen Ness Magnaflo and also a company called Bub that offers something called a stealth 7. Everyone has their journey. Mine is fine a pipe that won’t hurt my ears.

  25. I removed the stock mufflers for performance reasons as the CAT is now gone. Plus, the stock mufflers were so tinny sounding. They drove me nutts, too. Whatever, I am on an adventure here. Right now, I believe the ear plugs recommendation will cover this. Hope this all makes sense. No, I am not going to paint it pink. Lol!

  26. Fitted ear plugs might be the go too

  27. Don’t worry about me painting it pink or making it neutered for sound. I have wanted one of these since I saw The Terminator (Arnold) ride one in T2. About the only thing that I have left to do to it so I have my ultimate machine is put auxillary lights on it. I love riding it. It handles like no other especially when I am scraping a floorboard. :). Just gonna try one last set of pipes in search of a deep throaty sound. 🙂


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