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I am looking to add adjustable rear passenger foot pegs to my boyfriends 2008 vn 2000 classic LT for when we take long rides to help my back. After extensive research I have come up with these part numbers and I’m looking to see if anyone else has done this. Now we already have floorboards front and rear on our bike these are going to be the raised adjustable foot pegs that are used with the rear floorboards. This is what I think we need. Has anyone done this. ….

Kuryakyn 4388. Adjustable rear pegs
Kuryakyn 8826. Spindle
Kuryakyn 8837. 2 inch adapter for saddlebags.

Now does anyone know if I have to buy the Kuryakyn 4351 floorboards also or if our stock floorboards will work.. please help…

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  1. Dont know, but would like to do the same to mine

  2. I thought someone on here might have done this but seems no one has

    • You can buy a mount that lowers and adjust the positioning of the stock boards The V2K stock boards are good quality boards and fit the V2K properly the ones you have in the pic will work however the one bracket you posted is for cruise pegs for the front I would go with the mount that relocates the stock boards cheaper and will accomplish the same thing PM me and I will see if i can send you a link

  3. Doubtful. If you do you will probably have to change your factory hardware to the factory peg hardware, rig up some spacers so the bags will work. Then get the kury boards and adapters. In other words. A LOT of extra work and $$$. Keep looking and see if you can find something else. I had those boards, except the black ones in my classic.

  4. I’ve those floorboards on my bike for passenger

  5. It’s not the floorboards per say its the adjustable pegs that im Interested in. We already have floorboards I am wanting to add those pegs that are above those floorboards in the pic

  6. Ok you want what floor board to be fitted and driver or passenger only?
    The ones I have are called kuryakin premium floorboards

  7. No. I have floorboards on drivers and passengers. I am trying to add pegs to my floorboards in the rear that swing up 5 inches so I can have another place to put my feet on long trips

  8. An okay so you want to add that swivel thing.
    This is not the right kind of you have oem bracket for oem foot pegs

  9. Yes. Add a peg that swings up.
    I have seen them on other bikes. My back needs them. lol

  10. I’ll find the right # send post here in a sec. The ones for VN2000 has two pins in them so they don’t fold on the centre pin

  11. Correct. I callled kuryakyn and the parts I listed in the original post is what they said I had to buy…. HELP

  12. I added them to my V2K for my wife. You will need the adjustable pegs, a male adapter kit, & the floor boards all from Kuryakyn. It is a pain in the ass to get all the parts lined up. Prepare for colorful language. J&P Cycles tech support will help you get the right parts. It’s not cheap, & your husband will deserve lots of appreciation, but my wife loves the results!


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