Good camping on the beachs of Va, NC or SC?


Any good camping on the beachs of Va, NC or SC? We want to try our Aspen out and jump in the ocean any good suggestions that don’t mind load bikes

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  1. Huntington Beach State Park, SC

  2. James island campground in sc is great. Think $25 a night has showers bathrooms and accessible power if needed

  3. Hunting island state park in Beaufort South Carolina. Where the forest meets the ocean is a tag line used for it. Haven’t personally been there but friends have said it’s very nice. Call ahead to reserve. \n\nJames island county park in Charleston is nice. Not on the beach, but folly beach is pretty close. Weekend traffic will suck bad. Either go early, or during the week. Once in folly the washout is to the left at the end of the island. Bigger waves, and the main surf spot. Also the light house. To the right/end of the island is the county park. If you go early parking shouldn’t be a pain.

  4. Apache Campground in Myrtle Beach. They allow you to ride the bikes in. A lot of the campgrounds at least in Myrtle Beach have bike Corral’s out front. That’s why we do Apache

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