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We’re heading to Tennessee/Kentucky first of June (from mid Missouri ). Pulling bike since also taking dogs on our camping adventure. Any suggestions on rides or places to see / camp would be awesome!

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  1. Tours of Jim Beam and Jack Daniels distillerys

  2. Smoky Mountains, Cherahola Skyway, and the Dragon if you are up for it. It’s intense.

  3. Iron Horse campground is awesome. Very nice facilities.

  4. Sorry. Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge

  5. If you like Corvettes the National museum is in Bowling Green, KY which is also close to Mammoth Cave.

  6. Cumberland falls

  7. Lynchberg TN (Jack Daniels Distellery (free tours) and also a neat little town with a western feel. Mary BoBos (make reservations) for lunch or supper (former cathouse coveted to a homestyle diner).

  8. Tail of the Dragon

  9. I use the road trippers app which is great for travels.

  10. cherohala mountain trails campground

  11. The Corvette museum

  12. If you’re into Muscle cars, this place is a must-see.http://www.musclecarmuseum.com/

  13. Nora. A lot depends upon how you guys plan on coming across. Are you going to do I 64 to I 57 to I 24 and then I 40 across Tennessee to Knoxville. or do you plan on going across Kentucky.

  14. Motorcycle Roads.com has a really big selection of rides.

  15. Land Between the Lakes, Tellico Plains, Hampton.

  16. Anywhere you go in East TN is a great ride.

  17. Thanks everyone! We can’t wait!

  18. Go to Fall Creek Falls, and Cumberland Caverns, too. We don’t have anything like Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, but we do have a lot of caves in Tennessee. Cumberland Caverns has the Bluegrass Underground concerts in the largest \

  19. Enjoy we’re heading there the first week of May camping on family property that should save some money will be down in the area for about 10 days.

  20. Natural bridge state park

  21. We stay in Maggie Valley.. Really nice place to venture out from

  22. The dragons tail !! 318 curves in 11 miles. TN we have all kinds of cool places to ride

  23. Down Home in Johnson City TN. Great music venue.

  24. cherohala skyway everywhere all directions

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