Good bike camping destination within reach of Tulsa


Does anyone have any recommendations for a good bike camping destination within reach of Tulsa, OK.?

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  1. Lake of the Ozarks state park and head south on the back roads into AR. It’s hot…invest in a cooling vest.

  2. Arkansas,Pig Trail is about 150 miles from you.

  3. Hello from Sapulpa. I, too, would like to know of a nice campground close by. I have stayed in Crowder Lake State Park at Weatherford, OK but just for a night because I was on my way West. May of last year, I stayed in Black Mesa State Park (too hot right now) to get far away from city lights and see the star filled sky.

  4. There was a place in Pineville, Missouri that also offered canoeing but that was some years ago and I don’t remember if they are still around.

  5. Turners Bend Campground. On the Pig Trail and it has river access to cool off.

  6. Thanks for sharing everyone…. Not sure where I’ll wind up. But, I have the urge to go camping. Unfortunately, I have this thing called work… hence I can only go for a day or two.

  7. Try diamond crater state park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Camo and look for diamonds all in one.

  8. You can hit talimena parkway on the way. Nice curvy road.

  9. Talimena state park is 2 1/2 hrs.

  10. Olagah lake near Claremore maybe 40 min from tulsa

  11. Queen Willimina State Park, Ark. and Eureka Springs ,Ark.

  12. There is a great new place in Wyoming.

  13. Like I said brand new . Check them out

  14. Me and Sherri stopped by a nice little lake north of 66 west of Supulpa l want to think Heyburn lake\n.

  15. Anywhere Arkansas… Talimena highway, The three mountain ranges of Ouachita , Boston, and Ozark Mountain ranges, Highway 7, Highway 10, Highway 14, Highway 21, Highway 23 all of them are great

  16. Mt Nebo in Arkansas, do not attempt to pull a trailer up Mount Nebo Rd., Mount Nebo has switchbacks that you can see your taillight on with 18% grade a very steep and challenging ride

  17. Mount Magazine in Arkansas is also a pretty ride fairly close to Mount Nebo, But do not again do not try to pull a trailer up Mount Nebo you will not make it

  18. Anywhere in the Ozarks, Arkansas or Missouri, Lots of good roads and places to see.

  19. Eufaula lake

  20. Keystone Lake looks to be the closest free one with drinking water, bathrooms, and fire rings.!15701&query=sitedetails

  21. Beaver Bend State Park, Broken Bow Lake.

  22. many places in NW Arkansas

  23. Lake Murray outside Ardmore

  24. Steely Hollow Rd off of 10. No Head Hollow.

  25. Go straight out Muskogee Blvd. west past the Log Store in Tahlequah .

  26. First right hand turn past \

  27. I saw that and thought : \

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