Best camp sites around Gatlinburg


Leaving on Bikes for TN in 2 weeks… Need suggestions for Best camp sites around Gatlinburg please…

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  1. Mile High Campground. It’s in Cherokee but not a long ride to to Gatlinburg.

  2. Kickstand or Iron Horse both in Stecoah

  3. Iron Horse Lodge should work out well

  4. Bobarosa Saloon and Campground in Del Rio

  5. It’s been about 30 years ago but we stayed at elkmont-not to far from all the best parts of the Smokies-Nice stream running alongside, primative and hookups

  6. Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground in Caruso NC right off the BRP on hwy 276

  7. Blue ridge motorcycle or kickstand lodge or river valley

  8. Townsend, near Cade’s cove. Beautiful place to ride and camp.

  9. Might not be much open yet around Gatlinburg after the fires last fall

  10. Best one is in the National park after the entrance driving south from Gatlinberg, turn right at the gift shop>ranger station, about 4 miles (just follow the signs). When it’s warm, it’s packed…but usually they can fit a biker or 2 in, if full, return to the entrance and at the parks northern border turn right (east) along the border. There are several more rustic campgrounds along that road, and as you frive, they get more primitive and less crowded till you’ve gone about 25 miles, and have reached the last one…you turn right to drive into one will be there, you leave 5 bucks in an envelop for them they come and get it next morning, you just drive in, find a place and camp, I think you can use a generator but there is no electricity, it’s in the park snd rumor is that it is haunted but safe…it’s really spooky but way cool , on the left (north) as you drive east on parks northern border you’ll find 3 or 4 fully electrified campgrounds at 19-29 $/nite that allow generators each less primitive than the next , when it starts raining (as it usually does in the summer at about 3 PM, you’ll want to think about one of the hotels you passed driving in..this is my favorite spin along park routes although I also like cherokee as Steve Stephen Harvey mentioned above …steve, is that in cherokee nc, near the famous casino?…if so, very very nice…

  11. I should clarify. It is right of the Blue Ridge Parkway, pretty much at the end, that is why I said Cherokee. I don’t think that is there actual address. But the views are spectacular. The next time I get out there I will have to try the haunted Campground you mentioned. Lol.

  12. Right…that confused me too ..I think it’s like the cherokee trading post or something at the south end ??

  13. Oh ..Steven Stephen Harvey, the haunted campground is the best by far..last time I went, my gal pal and I checked in then she got scared, so did i, so she made me check out. I didn’t need much persuasion..but if there is a man there, I might stay so pm me next time your headed thataways, and I’ll try and meet yas…I live about 2 hours away but it’s way more than 2 hours cause of the traffic in pigeon forge .. but I’m always looking for an excuse to go..too expensive to live there so I live near the Cumberland gap natl park which is cool…it’s cool, but it’s not Gatlinberg

  14. I will try to remember to contact you. I don’t know when I will get back that way, hopefully this year. I live about 12 hours away in New Jersey. But I love that area, especially the Parkway and the National park. Hope to live there someday.

  15. It’s a great place to retire…no state income tax in I sell retirement villas here to ex patriarch of michigan saving them 2000 or more / year on their state income tax…anyone reading this who wants to look into it, contact me here in tennessee…

  16. A retirement villa is probably out of my price range. More like a retirement trailer. But it’s all good.

  17. Hey yeah ..I’m pushing mobile homes in a 55 and over upper scale mobile home park…right in ur price range..seriously they have these all over florida but most of the mobile home parks in tn are trashy, so me and a friend got some land near the National Park here (Cumberland Gap, it’s simply beautiful but unless u really like bingo, there ain’t all that much to do, except to see if u can bump into people on fb then ride over to that national park to meet them, wait ..\

  18. Strap your 9mil on your side. Tennessee is one of the most stolen Harley Davidson states.

  19. Another vote for Elkmont. Really great campground. I was just there two weeks ago. Cosby is great, too.

  20. Check out Bobsrosa Saloon and Campground in Del Rio. About an hour east of Gatlinburg. I love that place. Everything’s you need except phone service

  21. Thanks for that recommendation …ill go there soon…

  22. I use high country motorcycle camp ground.

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