Getting new tires in Sturgis during the rally?


Has anyone had any experience getting new tires in Sturgis during the rally? Any suggestions or recommendations…..

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Answers ( No )

  1. Dealers & Vendors do specials during Sturgis

  2. You can get whatever you want, everybody’s there.Just get in line early

  3. I run Michelins they last longer and are great tires I get around 12000 to 15000 miles out of them . Had a shinko once on the front of my old Harley and it only lasted 3000 miles but there are lots of venders up there .

  4. Depends on what tire you want. All the big brands have booths and most have tires for sale and at time some smoking deals. Example Metzler is set up in the public are at the Buffalo Chip had daily specials and will have the shop at the chip mount them. Ask about deals you’ll be surprised some really good deals if you do some looking

  5. Go to Indian of Sturgis. Great dealer

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