Cleaning the windshield area between the chrome/black frame


Any suggestions for cleaning the windshield area between the chrome/black frame and fibre glass where all the bugs and dust settles. It looks really ugly from behind.

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  1. Which bike do you have?

    I have a RoadMaster. It’s easy to remove the windshield to clean the “pocket” in the fairing.

  2. While it is a PIA the only way to clean it is to disassemble it, I’ve herd of others fabricating a gasket to go between the chrome and plastic to keep it from happening again (water gets between the two pieces, hence the discoloration) I have opted to just do it from time to time and before shows.

  3. Check out an auto detailing supply shop. They sell all kinds of goodies to get into areas.

  4. Most don’t know you should you never use a squeegee and solution that is at the gas station on your windshield. Not saying that’s what you’re doing at home but thought I’d mention that. This picture will show you what is best to use on the windshield, and to keep on your bike at all times so that you can clean your windshield. It goes for about $3.50 and you can find it at Amazon.


  5. Using black tool chest drawer liner or the like is the permanent solution. Also cuts down on glare.

  6. Small detail brush works.

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