I need to ship my motorcycle to Florida


I need to ship my Roadmaster to Florida for a business move, any suggestions on the best company to use? Personal experience is very helpful.

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  1. haul bikes .com ,,,,haul bikes brought my ride from oregon ,to new york state ,,,i had the insurance on it ,,so no big deal ,,bike made it perfect !!!!!!!! door to door ,,in middle of winter ,,,,,

  2. I’ve used Keyboard 3 times (FL to NY) and they were flawless. Not cheap but those cats know what they’re doing. They regularly transport Steinway grand pianos – so I’m pretty sure you can trust them.

  3. Anchor globe and eagle are good. Federal is good as well.. where are you from?

  4. Haul bikes .com\nGreat folks

  5. Where ya shipping it from?

  6. Where you live? I will ride it down for you for cheap. You buy the ticket home.

  7. I shipped mine Allied Van lines with my household goods. It came out fine and it was cheaper than car or bike movers.

  8. Definitely Haul … The best

  9. motoshippers.com Great service and good price, IMO

  10. Keyboard is the best in my experience, I’ve used them multiple times

  11. Get on Uship. You will find a good inexpensive mover

  12. If its all east coast check out the auto train.

  13. Ride it there.

  14. Bloody hell mate that has road trip written all over it. Put a notice out, get some mates together and ride

  15. If you don’t need it in a hurry use haulbikes. Your bike goes terminal to terminal.\n\nI am currently having one shipped using uship. Bike goes from point A to point B, and found local transporter, so price was better than haulbikes. Using enclosed trailer. I also used a transporter that only hauls Motorcycles.\n\nhttps://www.uship.com

  16. DO NOT USE Federal Motorcycle Transport (funtransport.com) not only did they not come prepared they damaged my front fender before they even left our house. We ended up renting 2 Uhauls and brining our babies ourselves!! They have even now denied the claim even though on video!!

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