FZ-07 Oil Light Issue


Newbie question. At 3000 miles I changed my oil since the check oil light was on. It still lit up even after I changed it Any suggestions? I’m at 5000 miles now and it still lights up when I start the bike. I’m under warranty for the next few months and I don’t know what is covered and what isn’t. I’ve been mostly avoiding the dealer cuz I know they’re cutthroat. Suggestions?

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  1. Maybe pull the negative wire off the battery to reset the ecu?

  2. If it comes on and immediately goes off when it’s running, that’s normal

  3. Mine does the same where it comes on before I start it and once I turn the bike on it goes off, my guess is its also a oil pressure light

  4. All your emergency and idiot lights do a visual on startup in most vehicles. In the old days this was mostly a bulb check, with LED screens there is less functionality, but it still shows you what is there. \nThere is no problem if it goes away when you start your engine.

  5. Totally normal. As most of these guys said, if the key is turned but engine isnt running all your display lights should be on for the most part, then will shutoff when engine is started.

  6. Just go to the dealer. If you have a warranty then your good. If not, your at a shop that can fix it. Worst case pay the diag fee and have it fixed somewhere else.

  7. Think about what the light means. It comes on if oil pressure is low. When the engine isn’t running, oil pump isn’t running so oil pressure is zero. Therefore light is on. As soon as you start the engine, oil pump works and pressure builds so light shuts off.

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