FZ-07 insurance claim question


Insurance claim question:
16 FZ07
Bike sustained some cosmetic damage.
2,300 miles on odometer.will insurance total it or fix it. What will it do to the value when it come time to sell?

I’m not sure what the costs will be to get it 100% again.

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  1. I really doubt that’s enough to to write it off.

  2. bro a looped mines

  3. The mirrors have scratches, the brake pedal is indented. It’s leaking some oil out of the engine cover.

  4. its all fixable it be ok u dont even have to out on insurance just buy part at a time an replace its the beauty of this bikes

  5. Exhaust has some scratches and dent

  6. In order for it to be a write off, pretty sure the cost to fix the damage has to exceed the value of the bike.

  7. i broke all of my rear end benden my front wheel scrtch both sides an broke the side oild pan cover

  8. I read it is 75% of the value?

  9. Had $3700 in damage to my old bike and they repaired. As long as the frame didn’t get damaged, they tend to fix it.

  10. Did they use genuine parts?

  11. I know parts are what add up the costs very quickly. Also did your rates go up?

  12. yes they use original parts

  13. I’m insured with dairyland and have very good coverage under the gold program

  14. I wouldn’t bother with insurance if it’s costmetic… all that would probably cost close to the cost of the deductible

  15. My deductible is $500.

  16. Biggest issue here is will my rates go up due to a claim?

  17. You could get those parts for well under 500 and fix it yourself. Check bikebandit.com for what you need and see what it adds up to.

  18. Just ride it.

  19. If I just wanted to ride it I wouldn’t be asking thanks.

  20. I would use the insurance deal with the scratches and put the money into a cage/performance upgrades. Almost every fairing on my bike is damaged. I still love it.

  21. Shit if that’s the only damage the bike has I would’t go thru insurance. Just buy the stock pieces from people on here and you’re good. Most of us would just ask to cover shipping.

  22. The way I’ve seen some stuff is, if the frame is okay, its fixable. My buddy’s r1 had a scrape on his frame and insurance totaled it…. I guess its that serious.

  23. Most of it looks like stuff most people upgrade anyway. Gives you an excuse to have some fun

  24. They totaled my bike similar damage, I had small scratch in the paint on the frame which put me over. I bought it back and fixed it myself.

  25. How much did your rates go up John Cobabe

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