What do you guys recommend to seal it?


Question for you guys. Ive got a small exhaust leak right where my m4 slips on to the stock headers. What do you guys recommend to seal it? Anyone had this issue?

Bike: Yamaha FZ-07

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  1. Got it too. So does anyone with an M4. Gave up and let it leak. Lemme know your solution.

  2. Weld it on problem solved lol

  3. I called and spoke to the engineers at M4 performance. He said its normal and exists whether you know it or not with nearly all exhausts. He said its not detrimental to performance

  4. Yeah i havent noticed anything like that just the 2 little black marks coming out

  5. How bout some duct tapen

  6. You can go to any auto part store and find exhaust tape strips. I bought some for my M4 exhaust and they work great. It is black tape that has a thin clear layer on both sides (tough to remove, use tweezers). It goes on like regular tape, then dries hard. Pro tip, put some zip ties on each end so that the tape stays flat.

  7. My exhaust leaked as well and I went and got some high heat gasket maker and have zero leaks for now. I do plan on welding the two together eventually though.

  8. It leaks so very little it’s fine

  9. Ended up welding mine cuz of it

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