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Gear question.
Anyone 6’5″ 180 lbs or somewhere in the ballpark range have any luck finding a riding jacket that fits in the length in the arms but doesn’t swallow them whole in the chest/upper arm/waist area? I’m tall and lanky and I have the hardest time trying to find a decent fitting leather jacket or pants for that matter that fit.
Any brand names or links would be greatly appreciated.

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Answers ( 4 )

  1. Im not 6’5″ im 6’1 and i have a sedici lewther jacket size 48 and its a good fit

  2. Thanks man I’ll look into it

  3. I’m 6’2 200. Joe rocket makes tall sizes. Large tall fits perfect. I have the same issue as you do.

  4. I would steer away from American brands and go with something more euro fit, like Dianese.

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