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I’ll be coming up one 600 mile service pretty soon…the question is, do you guys recommend taking it to the dealer and getting the throttle bodies sync and all or just doing the oil change on my own? I’ve owned several bikes in the past and done 99% of all my own maintenance but never a brand new one so I’m just not sure if the throttle body sync is actually necessary or if it’s just the dealer trying to get $200. I apologize in advance if this has been asked before. Any input is appreciated

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  1. I’ve done most of my own oil changes. I can’t say I’ve had a throttle sync done on mine and I’m at 27k miles. Oil changes on these are really easy to do.

  2. Yeah, the oil change will be a piece of cake with no fairings to remove or exhaust blocking the filter. I just can’t wrap my head around having to do something like the sync on a brand new bike…..maybe I’m just cheap though lol

  3. I’m at 589 and have to get it done as well. This is my first bike and I don’t have the tools or knowledge to do it.

  4. Do it yourself save tons of money. First bike as well and it’s got just over 1400 miles on it. Did the first at 600 and second one tonight at 1400. Drain pan 17mm wrench and a strap wrench to get the factory filter off. No strap wrench use a hose clamp on the filter and tap it off with a screwdriver and hammer. And no need to throttle sync.

  5. its easy, do it

  6. Oil change yourself, hold the sync for the 4k service. \n\nThis service id recommend inspecting the bike and making adjustments as needed.

  7. Please come to my house and we can do the first service for free please save ur money bro

  8. I’ve done all the maintenance since day one and kept log on the YES card from Yamaha , chain service every 500miles clean air filter every 7,500 miles oil every 3k miles brake fluid and coolant every 24 months

  9. The only thing I was worried about was the throttle body sync because I don’t have the gauge to do it. I plan to do everything else

  10. Purchased all the future services in the package for the bike.. If they do the first 4 or 5 it will pay for itself

  11. I was thinking the same thing, I went to the dealer for the first service and they didn’t even do a throttle sync. Waste of time. I ended up doing my own throttle sync at 10000 km and they were right on.

  12. They have videos on YouTube on how to do the sync and you can build your own gages.

  13. Found it funny that when I tried to sell mine a guy claimed 9,100 is high mileage for a 2015. I’ve seen some people post pictures on here of much higher mileage.

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