Find primitive campgrounds?


Question: If I may ask, what resources do you all use to find primitive campgrounds?
I recently took over management of a 20 acre primitive campgrounds in Middle Tennessee and I would love to increase our motorcycle campers. I wonder if there are additional places I should be advertising.
Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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  1. Post an address and an invite, that'll probably help

  2. I didn't want to over step with an advertisement on here but if you are asking… Howlin' Hill 475 TN HWY 99 located 40 miles south of Nashville outside of the small town of Chapel Hill on the Duck River.

  3. Whats your location

    Do u accept toy hauler?

  4. Free

  5. Facebook and Google

  6. Whats a night cost

  7. Pm me your location please, middle Tennessee sounds like perfect base for awesome riding

  8. That's less than an hour from my house! How many site are set up for hammocks?

  9. Makes a page, advertising what you offer, good location

  10. Ill be through there one day now!

  11. Sorry guys I got behind. You all are so helpful, thank you!!
    We are $10 per night, per person. We offer hammock and tent sites. All sites have fire rings. We are on the Duck River and offer swimming and boat access. We also have a large stage and host live music once a month from local, regional and national touring acts.

  12. maybe?!

  13. AdvRider is dualsport site I would put a post on there.

  14. Simple computer printed pages posted anywhere bikers frequent. Business cards with a map of your location on the back, lots of em, at bars and cycle shops, gas stations, and other campgrounds. Youll be surprised how campground owners help each other out. Post it on any fb page that will allow it, and repost it with a little news of whats happening every week or so.
    I dont camp at campgrounds where theres a loud live band. I would enjoy a couple folks with guitars or a banjo, ukelele, or other acoustic thing sitting around the campfire. Breakfast is always a big draw at ralleys, and like at some motels, itd be easy to have a waffle maker, toaster, and a pan of eggs in the morning. Fix your own hot dog bar, for a buck you roast your dog over the fire on a stick and dress it up how you like. I love tarp camping, but itd be nice to be able to charge my phone without stsrting the bike.

  15. “Primitive” IS camping, if you pay anything, you're at an open air motel slumming it. You have to explore your territory personally.


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