Riding from Phoenix to Carlyle sk Canada


Ok question. Riding from Phoenix to Carlyle sk Canada. Around 3 to 4 it’s been hitting around 108 degrees. Do you tent camp I that heat

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  1. It depends on night time temperature. If below 80 I would be comfortable camping. If in an area, like southern Texas where it cools to 90 at night, then it is motel for us.

  2. I don't and here's why. To miss the worst of the worst of the heat on the next day's ride you'll want to quit early and start very early. That means you'll be trying to fall asleep in a 100 degree tent!
    Also, motorcycle trips and camping should be fun, and getting your rest on a long trip is critical.
    Have a great time!

  3. If you're riding from Phoenix to Canada you aren't going to have to be worried about sleeping in hot weather unless you're riding backwards. In 10hrs you can be in Salt Lake City and it ain't 108 there. Leave Phoenix early 5am and you'll beat a lot of the heat.

  4. You're leaving the area where it's 108 degrees. It will probably be cooler the farther north you get. On average, anyway.

  5. I agree with Ash Chesnut. If you don't get a good nights rest you wouldn't enjoy the next days ride.
    Ride safe

  6. Heck you don't have to motel the whole way! Just the nights that are really hot and you're exhausted from battling the heat.

  7. Greetings from Saskatchewan! I did both last year; camped on one trip and stayed in hotels on the other. Camping I didn't get any sleep. The A/C in the hotel felt great on the next trip I took. I'm not giving up on camping though, because there's a time and a place for each. 100 degrees is that time… for a hotel!

  8. Enjoy your trip to sask. I'm heading back there too. Start early. Find higher elevation routes and have fun!

  9. Ya put the tent down and sleep on it Daaaaa

  10. Last year we went on a 35 day trip using our tent camper. However, we wussed out camping two planned nights at Zion and one at Parumph because insane heat wave. We got a motel those three nights. Best $$$ I ever spent. Next day we were in Sierra Nevadas with nice cool evenings and resumed camping.

    But as others have mentioned… if me in your situation… Id start riding 3 or 4 in morning… get north and start camping.

  11. We used KOAs in GA, and elsewhere when it was too hot. They have “Kamping Kabins”, for a few bucks more than a tent site.

    Basically a log shed kit, with a bed frame, and a window shaker AC unit.

  12. look at a map, there are plenty of mountains to escape the heat

  13. In the west, i usually just throw a tarp down next to my bike, and a saddle blanket over that. Nothing beats slerping under the stars

  14. Not me to hot I would try to get a air conditioned room

  15. When it gets that hot or hotter we stay in air conditioned motel during the day and ride at night

  16. Just increase the miles.
    After an 18 hour day of riding, you'd be amazed how fast you can fall asleep in any environment.

  17. Elevation is key. 50 miles from Phoenix, the temps drop 20 degrees

  18. FYI it is cold and hell in Montana now.

  19. I have relatives there in Carlyle.

  20. Won't be 108 in Canada. lol

  21. Place my tent on the bed at motel 6

  22. Won't be now but July August it's high 90 to 100

  23. You “can” but it sucks

  24. Just leave Phoenix early in the am. You'll be out of the state long before it's hot.

  25. Only if there is a 10,000 btu potable tent air conditioner in the tent, on high blast…

  26. Yes. Use wet towels

  27. I only tent between 50 and 80 above weather…If I have to pay for something I want to enjoy it,,and a motel costs just a little more

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