Filled the CRF up for the first time today


Filled the CRF up for the first time today, since I brought it home.
Two things:
1.) Less than $5 to fill the tank! Woo hoo! (Definitely going to need a backup gas can)
2.) If you haven’t filled yours up yet, figure the cap out before you go to the gas station. A little tip, it doesn’t turn. After six to seven minutes just sitting there messing with it, I figured that out. Everyone else there was very entertained while I did. ?

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  1. When all else fails, read the owner’s manual

  2. I wish we had a flip open cap. Not a fan of having to put it on the ground

  3. Had the same problem today

  4. That happened to me too

  5. Glad im not the only one.

  6. I did it the same when I got mine.

  7. any issues with the 2 little bars on the inside at the top of the tank? i’ve read where some had a hard time filling up due to those. i haven’t needed gas yet.

  8. Finally got over 100 miles had to get gas, hardly squeezed 3 bucks in lol.

  9. ya i got gas for the first time today and it took 2.95 and i had no issues with the two bars…i think it’s a stupid place for them but it worked…

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