CRF250L Motoz Tractionator Size


Hey crew looking to purchase a set of Motoz Tractionator. What size do i need front and rear? Thanks
Bike: Honda CRF250L

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  1. I went 80x100x21 front and 120x90x18 rear..they fit fine..rear is a tad larger than stock so you get a gearing reduction

  2. Ive got tractionator st 140/90/18 on the back, fits fine

  3. Just so you know they will kill your power. There is another guy on one of these pages with your same bike and he wants to sell these same tires with only 150 miles on them. They are a lot taller and heavier. If you have stock gearing you definitely have to go to 13/42 to make your bike feel the same as stock.

  4. David Bonany im not sire if it works with stock chain. My 13/40 was totally worn out so I swapped both sprockets and chain at the same time, didnt count the links afterward

  5. Thanks guys ive got stage one mods with a 13 front sprocket. Will i really loose noticeable power? Im after something that really grips. Any other suggestion then? Anyone know about Dunlop 952s?

  6. I’m looking at buying a set of IRC Battle Rally TR8s… really good reviews. If anyone wants to throw some more input in for me to open my wallet…

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