Experience with the Shinko 700?


Anyone have experience with the Shinko 700 (rear)? Especially KLR owners?

Experience with the Shinko 700?

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  1. I do and LOVE the front

  2. But the rear leaves something to be desired on a heavy off road bike. Just not super planted.

    Front has almost no drama

  3. Just put a set on mine. Love them on road and off but I can tell the rear is going to melt off pretty quickly. But I’m not sure I care.

  4. I actually run the front on both my little xt225 and on my IT490 big bore

  5. I run the 705’s on my 955i Tiger & the 805’s on my KLR. The 700 looks like the in between tire. I like it! BTW, both sets wear well & perform great in all weather.

  6. I had them front and rear on my xr650 and i loved them no issues

  7. I ran them on a first gen dr650. Great all-arounder for all but mud. If I had the bike back I would run them again.

  8. For whatever it’s worth I’ve run tbe 705 and 805s on my Scrambler. I want to give the rear a shot as a nice medium, I’m just affraid it’ll be squirrelly or melt under a 500# Triumph.

  9. The shinko 244 are a much better DS tire. The 700’s are nothing special on road and I think pretty poorly off road. They are way too soft and wear quickly too.

  10. I have a KLR with 705’s on one set of wheels and 804/805 on the other set of wheels. I like the 705s for all around hard surface and fire road riding. The 804/805 are ok on the road. They grab well on curves and self clean in mud…even the wet clay around western arkansas. As you can imagine, they are a little noisy on the hard surface, but I’m very happy with them. I haven’t used those you have pictured, but not sure I would chose them over either set I have. I also have 705s on my Suzuki V-Strom 650….those tires were made for that bike!!! But, it’s for you to chose…you won’t know until you try them on your bike. Good luck.

  11. A good compromise

  12. I have ran 3 sets of Shinzo 700 on my dr650. Average mileage is 3000-4000 miles on the rear. A great all around tire but not very good with the loose stuff or wet. Rubbish on sand, mud and wet and loose gravel. If it’s dry it’s fine. Really fine gravel seem to be okay as long it’s not super loose and super deep.

    All depends on your riding.

  13. Evan Brown swears by them on his KLR

  14. Yup, front and back. Very happy with them. Used to run 705s, but wanted better off pavement grip.

  15. I LOVE the 700s….

  16. I agree. I love these things for the KLR.

  17. Yes, I ran them in my KLR and run then now on my Husky 650. I think they are an excellent choice for a 60/40 tire. The work great on pavement, pretty well in dirt as long as it’s not soft sand or mud. They last well, I get at least 4k miles from a rear and 2.5x for a front. They are cheap to replace typically $100/set. I’ve had no failures from any I’ve owned.

  18. My Gen 1 KLR currently has a 700 that has 6700 miles on it and looks like.at least another 1000 left. This was a loaded tour, including 2 up for 1500 miles. The front has 8500 miles and looks like.plenty more left. I was happy with the road handling, including many Alpine hairpin turns.

  19. I ran on them myDR650 and loved them.

  20. Great on a KLR, but a paper thin tire. Good and cheap and hard to out perform on a KLR more or less. Wear is suprisingly good too…

  21. Had them on my Vstrom 650 and loved them. A little slick in rain, but otherwise sticky as glue.

  22. Shinko ‘s have come a long way …We sell tons of them even for 1000 sport bikes and they have past our tests for adhesion and wear ..Great tires for the money ..you won’t be disappointed !!

  23. Love Shinko 805 rear, Especially for the price! If you are the type of rider that likes to explore almost any trail you find and don’t want to have to wonder if your tire will be the weak link, do it, you won’t regret it.
    It never let me down on some of the most challenging big bike rides I have done…

    That being said, I also like giving other tires a chance, and for the mileage and price, MotoZ Tractionator Adventurer is what is going on my bike today…

  24. I had Shinkos on my BMW for about 4000 miles. I took them off at that point, even though they had plenty of trend left, because they were very heavy steering at slow speeds. Even the head of the BMW service mentioned it to me as the bike became unstable a really slow speeds. I thought my balance was out of whack. It was the tires even with correct tire pressures 😉

    • You need to learn how to ride, period.

      That  is one of the single most clueless comments ever. ANY worn tire changes steering behavior a little, especially if all you do it drive straight. And a heavy bike is slightly more unwilling at slow speeds. Practice.

      I have used an order of shinko tires on a variety of bikes (DR650, 1200GS, 690R) with ZERO problems… they are tires for people who actually ride, not posers who are thrown out of whack by the first thing they don’t understand.

      The 700’s, 705’s and the 80X’s are all good tires with a great price/performance ratio… but please, go ahead and pay twice the money and feel better about it… your money.

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