Kenda or shinko block style?


Hey, Kenda or Shinko block style? Thanks

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  1. .man, I really like my 705s

  2. I’ve not ridden on the Shinko knobbys so I can’t compare but I have had Kenda Big Blocks on my CB500x and they were scary.

    Braking performance was substandard on any surface except for dry softish dirt. California freeways with their rain grooves were almost unridable.

    The only surface they did great on was pure dirt roads, not even gravel. I swapped them out for Shinko 705’s and they are better for everything except soft dirt and mud.

  3. Kenda big blocks are great on sand and soft gravel. For me they work ok on hard surface and asphalt. I am riding a KLR 650

  4. I’m on my 3rd set. I like them
    I used to have to air down when i hit the dirt hard but I can run these no problem at same pressure I run on street
    They work as well as any other tire for me on pavement too

  5. I loved my kenda big blocks on my Super Tenere and I love them on my 1190. They’re sketchy in the rain, but all knobbies are. I can still drag toes on dry pavement when I’m feeling froggy. They don’t last worth a damn though.

  6. Am I the only one, who at first glance, thought this was a self defense question?

    Fwiw, I like my Shinko tires. 90u0025+ of TKC 80s in the dirt and just as good if not better on the street

  7. I am currently on Shinko 805 (first set ever) and before had Kenda Big Blocks.

    It really depends what are your going to be doing more – pavement or dirt? what bike?

  8. What about the michelin T63? How do they compare with kenda big blocks?

  9. Vague question… What bike? What conditions are you expecting to ride? I’ve gotten many miles out of my Shinko’s. (Roads, dirt roads, and hard trails)

  10. Shinko. It’s my first time trying and so far I’m very happy. Great on road and on rainy day and surprisingly great off road.

  11. Shinkos are the best crap tire on the market ­čÖé

  12. But the shinko 705 is not a knobbie tire, so probably not so good in mud, deep sand and deep gravel. Right? It looks more like an asphalt and hard pack tire.

  13. I know you said shinko or kenda, but take a look at the heidenau k60 scout. Nice all round tire, drag pegs on asphalt if that’s your thing, then go through mud easily. But if you’re limited to shinko or kenda, the 705 is a real good value

  14. The Shinko 804 front itsnt half bad – very long lived – easily 8,000 plus miles. Decent on and off pavement. The 805 rear however is decent on pavement and in dry dirt – but SUCKS in mud – does not offer any reasonable degree of lateral traction. The 805 was good for 5,700 miles – though at the end, was OK only for pavement. (this was on a KTM 990) Both do pack up in gooey nasty clay ladden mud, but almost anything does. This pic shows how the rear will slide out so easily. Ill attached a couple others.

  15. These kind of conditions are NOT where the 805 does well.

  16. Just a wee bit loaded up with mud. In all fairness, a full on dirt only, soft terrain tire would of loaded up in this crap

  17. Rear appears less loaded up, in part due to deeper tread depth, but also due to tire spin flinging a bit out. So…if your riding will not likely include much mud – they are decent tires.

  18. This was the consequence of loosing rear traction – fortunately at low speed. Not good to do this to your dear wifey!

  19. All part of the adventure

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