Tube fail like this?


Has anyone ever had a tube fail like this? Does anyone know what that circle is? I have never patched this tube. Did I get a Refurb tube ­čś│?

Tube fail like this?

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  1. That doesn’t look right.
    Is this from a bike shop or from a dealership?

  2. Was something possibly inside the tire? Does that mark match the end of your tire irons?

  3. Haha I know what that is. Whoever mounted that tire dropped the stem washer off the tube and it got trapped inside

  4. ud83dude33 I knew someone on this fine group would have an answer. And changing tires seems like such a simple job.

  5. I have a dumb question related to the washer and nut scenario here. My riding partner on my last trip had 2 flats and he keeps the second nut off. I’ve always kept it in. Which is correct and why? I’ve been changing tires for well over 10 years, but just wondered why my riding partner would have done that.

  6. While I was at the Stolen Pig Rally the rep from Vee Rubber gave me and my buddy a little lesson. He puts the first nut on the inside against the washer. Then snugs the second but up against the cap.

    I hope this subject isn’t like the oil/tire choice discussion! Seems like there should be "correct" way.

  7. This is how I have been doing it since. The tube in the pic was installed before I learned this way.

    It makes sense if you run lower pressures. Letting the stem have some play makes it less likely to fail around the stem.

  8. The reason your not suppose to tighten the second washer to the rim is to help prevent the stem from getting torn lose should you spin the tire a little on the rim, you tighten it against the cap so you don’t lose the cap, that is how it was explained to me

  9. Refurbished

  10. That’s a patched tube

  11. Eric, I notice your nut on the stem appears to be inside your rim, not outside the rim.

  12. Those gnarly sandals caused the tube to try and escape.

  13. I dont run a nut outside the rim. If the rim slips on the tire, there is some "give". I can then see if the valve stem is angled wrong and readjust the tire on the wheel rim. I also use "Rim locks".

  14. That tube has definitely been patched. It looks like someone had a pinch flat.

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